Put structure, speed, consistency, collaboration, and accuracy into your financial planning process.

Connect all your financial plans together with less effort and more accuracy. Seamlessly combine financial and operational drivers, and integrate planning at scale across your entire enterprise.

Plan, budget, and report faster

Anaplan offers a complete corporate performance management solution so you can budget, plan, forecast, analyze, and report—without chasing down spreadsheets! Automate the process so you finish faster and involve more people. Create relevant reports and dashboards across every area of the business and keep them always up to date.

Go beyond budgeting

Anaplan takes you beyond basic budgeting—linking operational and financial plans across Finance, Sales, Operations and HR. With business user-created plans and formulas, unlimited scenarios, and dimensions Anaplan puts you in control—giving you time to focus on analyzing impacts, driving decisions, and truly managing the business.

Integrate business planning

Connect business strategy to business plans and across every area of your business for a real “big picture” view. Finally, drive a single, consistent, connected view of plans across Sales, IT, Marketing, HR, Operations, and Finance. Integrated business planning designed to work together across all areas of your business.

Plan and optimize your performance

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