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Programme Hub16 Brussels

Join us for a keynote presentation
Anaplan will outline the Anaplan vision and take the audience through our growth as well as global and local impact
Deep dive session - allowing you to hear from industry leaders
This session will include topics in a range of subject areas such as business planning & forecasting and supply chain planning
What's new at Anaplan this year?
VP EMEA Laurent Lefouet will discuss Anaplan's innovations, product vision, and major product announcements. You’ll see Anaplan’s technology in action and how it addresses the most complex of operational challenges. Customer and partner of the year Awards
Hear what clients say about Anaplan
A panel interview with clients that explain how they are leveraging the Anaplan Smart Business Platform in their businesses
The Smart Business Platform: Apps for every industry and line of business
Check out the latest Anaplan applications for Finance, Sales Performance Management, Marketing, Supply Chain, and HR Planning
Anaplan as an accelerator of the “Insight to Innovation” Cycle at Janssen EMEA
Janssen EMEA is transforming their business model and behaviours to confront and lead the major changes and challenges facing our industry. They are advancing internal functional and process improvements to deploy an information and analytic ecosystem that can gather insight, context opportunity, and direct organisational re-orientation confidently and quickly to ensure optimal access of their transformational medicines to healthcare providers and patients. Join this session to learn how Janssen EMEA deployed Anaplan at the heart of its “Insight to Impact” cycle, and how the system now connects hundreds of internal stakeholders from multiple functions through the delivery of “one common forecast” across the region.

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Salons De Romree
Beiaardlaan 31, 1850 Grimbergen, Belgium

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