Get your sales plans right—and keep them right to strategize, align, and optimize sales performance.

Establish an effective sales strategy. Align sales objectives and sales behaviors with your company goals. Design equitable sales territories. Predict future sales results. Automatically recommend up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to continually optimize sales performance. All on a single platform that integrates your CRM data.

Establish an effective sales strategy

Know your market opportunity and revenue potential. Only Anaplan for Sales can help you with situational sales planning and modeling, uncovering new market segments, creating equitable sales territories, forecasting attainable quota targets, and so much more.

Align to meet sales objectives

Get started on your journey to align corporate objectives and desired sales behaviors. Use Anaplan for Sales to motivate and pay sales reps for performance; connect revenue expectations with quota targets; enable sales team collaboration, inclusion, and engagement buy-in; and provide cross-functional visibility and agreement.

Optimize sales performance

Stay on top of changes. Anaplan for Sales provides companies with the agility to change and disrupt, optimize sales territory design, manage unassigned sales quotas, and administer territory coverage and gaps, among other features.

Plan and optimize your performance

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