We’re delighted to introduce the latest release of Anaplan!

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Anaplan platform’s ability to help you empower decision-makers in your company to plan more effectively. Anaplan’s third release of 2015 features a brand-new look and feel, usability and performance enhancements, and exciting new functionality to make Anaplan’s highly interactive planning and analysis even more powerful!

Optimized UI Design

Anaplan is looking even better thanks to fresh new look-and-feel and usability enhancements. You’ll see new colors for charts, optimized for easier comparison, and simpler designs for buttons and controls (for slicing and dicing, data import/export and formatting).

The new UI look-and-feel is the fruit of usability studies and research with the help of our customers. It’s designed to be easy to adopt by both end-users and model builders. Now your interactive planning and analysis from Anaplan dashboards is even more intuitive.

Make your planning and reporting apps more powerful

Anaplan dashboards are unique in that you can create any combination of highly interactive views for planning, data-entry forms, reporting or executive dashboarding. We have added a set of new features to make your Anaplan dashboards even more interactive and impactful.

Build even smarter, easier-to-use apps

With this new functionality you can now build a smarter interaction and navigation logic within your application dashboards, driven by your data and your interactive selection.

From a dashboard, you can conditionally open another dashboard based on the context of your selection. In effect as an end-user, you can open a dashboard based on your analysis and selections from an initial dashboard. With this same feature, you can also design more sophisticated forms and workflows with data-entry validation steps…

More powerful data filtering

We made our interactive filtering more effective by allowing you to easily maintain multiple values for a filter in dashboards and module. For model builders, this can also simplify the design of your models and dashboards.

Zoom in within interactive dashboards

When designing a new dashboard or using a pre-defined dashboard that is highly interactive, you can now dynamically zoom in on the data you need. The new feature allows you to show or hide nested dimensions values in the detail grid of a dashboard with synchronized master-detail panes.


Thanks to our patented technology, we can scale to thousands of users and 10’s of billions of cells (data points) to plan on. Yet we’re never satisfied. In this release we have made marked improvements for adding master data on the fly when using numbered list functionality. For example, using Anaplan dashboards, you may be creating promotions, assigning sales reps to territories or linking customers to new products, among other use cases. Customers with larger datasets will benefit most from this exciting performance enhancement.

Microsoft Office Reporting and Planning: Single Sign-On

We’ve now enabled single sign-on for our Excel reporting to simplify user experience and for added security. Now, as with the web user interface, you won’t need to explicitly log on to Anaplan and maintain your password. Look forward to single sign-on in the PowerPoint add-in.

Want More Details?

Be sure to explore Anapedia to learn more about all of the new features and capabilities in this release.