We’re excited to introduce Anaplan’s 4th release of 2015!

Anaplanners—no matter the role they play in a process—can now get to the planning information they need and make decisions faster than ever before. From navigation to PPT presentation to data integration, our new features mean that Anaplan can quickly change with you as your planning processes evolve over time! This latest release reduces training and retraining needs, accelerates planning decisions, and gives everyone an optimized planning experience now and over time.

• New left-hand navigation panel
• PowerPoint add-in
• Dependent dropdowns
• New reporting functions
• Informatica Anaplan Connector

A clear planning path

The new navigation panel is a first in planning software. It provides you with a clear path to the information you need, even as you switch from one planning endeavor to another. The new navigation is specific to your use case and role, and to your organization’s needs, as opposed to a “one size fits all.”

What’s more, the user experience remains consistent, saving you the trouble of dealing with different UI paradigms. As you would expect from Anaplan, adjusting your navigation to match your evolving needs is something that business users (with the right permissions) can easily do.

Enticing presentations with real-time plans

The PowerPoint® add-in allows you to present any Anaplan data you need in PowerPoint, while leveraging PowerPoint functionality to create effective presentations. Refresh your PowerPoint template at the click of a button and immediately see the latest plans and KPIs. As part of our Microsoft Office integration, Excel® reports and planning templates built using the Anaplan Excel add-in can now be more easily transferred from one copy of an Anaplan app or model to another, and can be included in applications on the app hub.

Letting your apps and models guide users to the information they need

Selecting interrelated data is now even simpler. Dependent dropdowns allow you to limit the values of a dropdown list based on selections from another dropdown list, making interaction on planning and reporting views and forms more rapid. This feature is flexible enough not just for hierarchy-based data, but also for any interrelated data.

New reporting functions let you more easily define KPIs and views for your plans based on ranked and time-dependent data. This gets you more quickly to the right model and to the clear insights.

Connect your enterprise data even faster

The new Informatica Anaplan connector accelerates implementations, while also ensuring your data has integrity and that your plans drive execution. It will become available after the Anaplan release, per Informatica’s timeline. This new connector lets you leverage a leading ETL solution with hundreds of pre-built, bi-directional connectors to cloud and on-premise systems, including with Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP. The connector complements our current integration options, including Anaplan’s self-service user interface, other ETL connectors, and programmatic API-based integration.