Highlights: Intuitive App Hub experience, 10 new apps and faster app building

We’ve hit a new milestone with over 100 apps from Anaplan and our community of partners and customers. The newly designed App Hub enables you to quickly discover, learn, and activate apps so you can jumpstart planning across every area of your business.

Apps – Where the action is

Need a solution for your business? The new App Hub makes it easier to find, learn, and sample apps. The intuitive navigation and rich, engaging content—videos, case studies, and feature details—allow you to quickly explore the benefits of each app. Activate an app in just one click, bringing you closer to your solution and enabling you and your business to plan faster. Customize apps to fit your needs with the help of a step-by-step guide. Get started today.

Say “hello” to Community apps

Learn from the experts in your industry. With Community apps created by Anaplan customers, you get instant access to industry best practices. Available today are:

  • Clinical Trial Planning
  • CIO Dashboard

Want to get in on the action? Submit an app to share and earn points, at Anaplan.influitive.com.

(Note: All confidential customer information is removed from apps before they are shared.)

Letting your apps and models guide users to the information they need

Selecting interrelated data is now even simpler. Dependent dropdowns allow you to limit the values of a dropdown list based on selections from another dropdown list, making interaction on planning and reporting views and forms more rapid. This feature is flexible enough not just for hierarchy-based data, but also for any interrelated data.

New reporting functions let you more easily define KPIs and views for your plans based on ranked and time-dependent data. This gets you more quickly to the right model and to the clear insights.

10 new Anaplan apps so there’s something for everyone!

To unleash your planning potential, we are rolling out new and improved apps with new rules, new roles, and new integration to equip you with better planning tools for every area of your business.

Finance and HR

Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting for CPG

Put structure, speed, consistency, collaboration, and accuracy into your FP&A process for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) with Anaplan. Connect all your financial plans together with less effort and more accuracy. Seamlessly combine financial and operational drivers at a product or SKU level, and integrate planning at scale across your entire enterprise.

Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting for SaaS (enhanced)

To manage the fast-paced nature of SaaS (software as a service), FP&A needs to jumpstart plans and configure changes to match the nuances of the business. With Anaplan’s Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting for SaaS app, you can do just that—plan, model, analyze, and report across metrics that matter, including monthly recurring revenue (MRR), cost of customer acquisition (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), renewals, churn, and more.

Succession Planning

Anaplan for Succession Planning is designed with your “hire or promote” decision in mind, guiding you in your workforce bottom-up planning process. Identify skills requirements to accomplish business initiatives, then search internally for the closest match from available resources, even as you consider an external search.


Sales and Marketing

Marketing Performance Management

Use performance marketing to optimize, predict, and simulate impacts of marketing activity on sales revenue, marketing funnel metrics, and customer journey behavior. Create attribution models to ensure marketing efforts are measured across all interaction points. Use this Anaplan’s Marketing Performance Management app to identify the touches that drive customers to revenue.

Segmentation and Scoring

Anaplan’s Segmentation and Scoring app lays the foundation for successful sales planning and management by giving users the ability to align account groupings with corporate objectives. Segmentation helps the sales organization understand the market and divide accounts into strategic groupings based on account data.

Supply Chain and Operations

Demand Sensing

Anaplan for Demand Sensing helps organizations deliver higher levels of customer service by including current demand signals throughout the supply chain. By applying industry-standard statistics designed to sort through the masses of downstream data, such as point-of-sale information by product and customer combination, you can adjust short-term shipment forecasts and develop accurate replenishment and demand plans.

Long-term Capacity Planning

Anaplan’s Long-Term Capacity Planning app allows you to find the right balance between the demand forecasts and the asset and material requirements that are communicated towards the supply chain. The app enables enterprises to focus on cost reduction and maximize contribution by optizming the use of existing production facilities.

Facility Management

Plan, optimize, and manage your offices across the world based on current/forecasted headcount and legal requirements per country. Anaplan’s Facilities Management app allows global facility managers to solve capacity issues in collaboration with HR and Finance.


Agile Implementation

Dynamic. Adaptive. Iterative. Anaplan for Agile Implementation incorporates all the tenets and elements of agile project methodology, including planning and requirements analysis, designing around user story creation and segmentation for sprints, modeling, unit testing, and acceptance testing. You get all the benefits of the cloud-based, highly collaborative Anaplan platform to unleash the talent and creativity of your team for your Anaplan implementation.


And don’t forget:

And don’t forget to try the Supply Chain Beer Game App for fun!

New tips & tricks for agile app building

Anaplanners are now empowered to plan faster than ever. In every release, we’re making it easier and faster for Anaplanners to maximize planning time and minimize keystrokes. Reporting enhancements and keyboard shortcuts help you do just that in this release. Save time immediately with our significant improvements to scrolling.*

Waterfall chart enhancement

In this release, your vertical waterfall charts can now be viewed horizontally. Just select “Rotate Axes” under Chart Options to get a horizontal view.

Keyboard shortcuts

Seven shortcut keys help Anaplanners streamline app building. For example, you can now toggle in and out of Blueprint mode using CTRL+Shift+Space, enabling you to quickly configure and build models. Here’s the full list of shortcuts:

Excel® add-In enhancements

If you have large Excel® workbooks integrated with Anaplan, our enhanced Excel® add-in will reduce the number of clicks to one, allowing you to refresh all worksheets instantly.

You can save time by connecting existing workbooks to other similar models. Use this when forecasting for the next quarter or fiscal year, or even sharing across regions.

Enjoy a seamless work environment with a new one-step login, auto updates, and improved synchronization between your Excel® workbook and Anaplan model structure changes.

We have also added performance enhancements to scrolling. To learn more about the enhancements described above, visit Anapedia.

Audited SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

As you scale your big plans, your security is our top priority. Anaplan’s commitment to delivering robust, security practices is now recognized by the SOC 2 Type 2 audit. This audit provides reasonable assurance that our controls in security, availability, and confidentiality are properly designed and operating effectively.

If interested, contact audit.reports@anaplan.com to obtain a copy of the report.