Highlights: Sync and secure your apps with ALM, track changes to your model, choose how to integrate and visualize data, and connect with new apps

A connected enterprise is a successful enterprise. It means everyone is on the same page, knows where the data is coming from, and gains valuable and actionable insights—quickly and securely. With the right tools, your organization can securely and efficiently plan across all departments and environments in a more powerful way.

This release delivers the right tools with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to streamline model syncing between your different development, test, and production environments so you can set up your applications for success. Track changes to your model with model history details for increased security and auditability.

Anaplan is expanding options on the open platform to help you better access and visualize data across your business. In this release, Anaplan will offer additional integration and visualization options with Informatica and Tableau to help you easily integrate data and visualize actionable insights for your business. As we expand more options in the future, we will continue to provide the integration and reporting that we offer today.

These strategic initiatives give you greater speed, productivity, and accuracy on a platform that is open, connected, and secure.

Streamline model syncing through Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Speed, productivity, and accuracy: these are key to any successful organization. With Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), you can now securely and efficiently manage and update your applications across different environments. And this starts with getting the right development changes into production.

Application Lifecycle Management

The days of manually updating changes between your development, test, and production environments are over. Now, you can sync your models instantly in a few clicks, saving you time and manpower. True alignment is realized and you can trust that your data is 100 percent accurate.

By default, your model is set to standard mode. Set your model to deployed mode to use ALM. This essentially locks your model to prevent structural changes and ensures seamless syncing across environments.

As you make changes to your source model (e.g., development), you can assign revision tags to any number of changes to your model at any point of time. This essentially acts as a “bookmark” for the cumulative changes up to that specific point in time. As you create these revision tags, you may type in a short description of your changes for your reference.

When you are ready to roll out the changes to your target model (e.g., test or production), select the appropriate revision tag to sync the desired changes. Whether you have multiple production models or parallel development models or data hubs, model syncing gives you even greater flexibility to make a powerful impact immediately. Learn more about ALM in Anapedia.

Tip: To use ALM correctly, always make structural changes in your development environment.

Note: ALM is included in our Premium and Enterprise offerings. Contact your rep to discuss your Anaplan pricing option.

Track changes to your model to improve security and auditability

Effective planning requires increased collaboration and when you have all hands on deck, it’s easy to lose track of what’s been done and who’s made changes to your model.

Now, you can drill down more easily with model history details, including changes to your list, property, user, and roles, as well as imports run. See the history by the type of change to search for a specific change. This improved auditability allows you to track user behavior to a deeper level of detail, including what changed, when it was changed, and who changed it.

Anaplan Open: Integrating with Informatica and Tableau

Your choice matters. Unlike closed planning solutions offered by ERP vendors, Anaplan offers choice as an open platform.

Connected planning requires depth of data and meaning visualizations to draw insightful conclusions. You want to be able to integrate data within and outside the business, and view performance insights through familiar tools to better understand, evaluate, and make informed business decisions. As an open platform for every area of the business, Anaplan is focused on empowering the business user to own planning solutions. Now, Anaplan is committed to offering you choices. In this release, we’re adding new options:

Coming soon: New connector brings choice to integration

You want to see the bigger picture for your business but your data lives in various ERP, CRM, HR, and other systems. With Anaplan’s open platform, you can choose how to integrate this data using leading ETL tools, including MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, SnapLogic, and Informatica. If your organization does not have its own ETL tool, Anaplan offers the option for you to get an ETL connector through Anaplan.

Anaplan is partnering with Informatica to develop a new integration offering for customers who want to leverage ETL capabilities to integrate with Anaplan: Anaplan HyperConnect powered by Informatica.

Anaplan continues to provide customers a wide range of integration options to enable customers to get data in and out of Anaplan easily including connectors built for Informatica, Dell Boomi, MuleSoft, and SnapLogic.

Note: The Informatica connector is available by request only. If you are interested, please contact your account manager or email integration.ea@anaplan.com for more information.

Improved reporting and visualizations for performance: Integrating with Tableau

Our commitment to bring you choice does not stop here. While Anaplan continues to offer real-time reporting and visualization within the Anaplan product, such as integration with MS office, we are also offering another option. We are announcing integration with Tableau for companies that use Tableau as their standard reporting and visualization tool. This connector enables joint customers to bring data from Anaplan’s planning platform into Tableau for self-service reporting and visualization.

More apps to scale your plans

Expand your plans with more apps to maximize your collective intelligence, control, and visibility of all parts of your business.



Agency Performance Management – Insurance (Voiant)
Collaborative Sales Forecasting (Valizant)
Data Hub – Incentive Comp Enablement
Incentive Comp Enablement

Financial Services


Actuarial Modeling for Insurance (NMG Group)
Amortization (Questus Solutions Ltd)
Asset Management Model (Deloitte)
Commodity Sensitivity (Accenture)
Costcenter Planning (Cronos)
Feature Film Title Planning (Deloitte)
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting – Higher Education
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting – City Government



Content Inventory Management
Digital Advertising (Deloitte)
Planning for Consulting Firms (Daymark Business Intelligence AB)

Human Resources


Incentive Comp Enablement
Retail Budgeting & Productivity App (Plan Rocket Consulting)

Supply chain


Bill of Material Costing
P&L Forecasting
RCCP with Shelf Life
Statistical Forecasting for Manufacturing (Solvanni)



Access Control (ADJEN)

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