Take advantage of the latest enhancements in the usability and flexibility of the Anaplan platform

Highlights: Customize your dashboards, track changes to your model, drill down faster, and connect with new apps.

Visibility is key to success. You want to embrace the ability to quickly make smart decisions based on accurate data. In the last release, we focused on open integrations to deliver that data through solutions like Anaplan HyperConnect and Tableau. In this release, we aim to surface those backend efforts to bring you meaningful data with beauty, speed, and precision.

Our mission is to elevate your ability to see more so you can do more. Now, you can customize your models and quickly get the data you need when you need it. You can:

Customize your dashboards with new chart color palettes

Say “goodbye” to homogenous charts and “hello” to new chart color palettes. You have a number of options to choose from:

  • Use the default color palettes
  • Choose your palette selection from a range of colors
  • Create a custom color palette tailored to match your company’s brand

Design your color palettes using gradients or any color across the spectrum to create a consistent experience across all charts in your model. Each palette contains nine colors, giving you greater flexibility to scale as you build more sophisticated visualizations.

Take it a step further and customize your charts and dashboards to showcase your corporate colors. There is no need to settle for a one-size-fits-all color palette!

To create a custom color palette, select from the wide range of colors or type in the six-digit hex color code to instantly push your choice colors across your model when you refresh your dashboards. Present dashboard visualizations with confidence, using company-branded colors for instant buy-in.

See Anapedia to learn more about chart palettes and for a list of chart types that can be configured.

Drill down faster with dependent dropdowns and selective access

To maximize flexibility and security, we have reconfigured your ability to manage filters for line items. Select the “dependent” dropdown and/or “selective access” boxes to drill down faster into the data you want to see. For example, if you have a cell marked for the EMEA geography, then you can have the adjacent cells to show countries of that region by selecting the “dependent” checkbox. If you want to pare that down even further based on user permissions, you can check the “selective access” checkbox.

Scale your chart labels for improved readability and streamlined planning

In this release, visibility is everything. You want to see more so you can do more. We have expanded the width of your charts to fully expose the chart labels for improved visibility. This enables you to quickly identify trends and attribute trends to the right drivers to expedite your planning. Now, you can view the entire chart labels without compromising the detail of your charts.

Integrate more data securely with Anaplan HyperConnect

Anaplan has partnered with Informatica to release a new integration offering: Anaplan HyperConnect, powered by Informatica for customers who want to leverage ETL capabilities to integrate with Anaplan. Anaplan HyperConnect is now generally available.

Anaplan continues to provide customers a wide range of integration options to enable customers to get data in and out of Anaplan easily, including connectors built for Informatica, Dell Boomi, MuleSoft, and SnapLogic.

Accelerate your planning with new apps

Expand your plans with more apps to maximize your collective intelligence, control, and visibility of all parts of your business.


Rolling Forecast
Statistical Forecasting

Human Resources

Resort and Restaurant Planning

Supply Chain

Merchandise/Assortment Planning

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