We’re excited to introduce Anaplan’s 5th release of 2015!

Anaplanners can now build planning apps and readjust them even faster to quickly match changing business realities—resulting in more accurate models and plans. In addition, we’ve augmented our predictive analytics capabilities to better facilitate call center planning and similar processes.

  • Dashboard Designer
  • Modeling productivity enhancements
  • Call Center planning functions
  • Performance enhancements
  • Data Integration Community

Faster app building

Now with a set of enhancements, you can more quickly build and adjust apps, including the data model, calculations, processes, and the user interface.

The all-new Dashboard Designer lets you quickly define the user interface. This interface is used for planning, analysis, visualization, process workflow, master data maintenance, and more. You can now adjust all aspects of your dashboard and preview them at the same time.

To boost your model-building productivity, we have three enhancements:

  • Save time by copying, rather than recreating, modules (a model building block)
  • Quickly understand where numbers on a dashboard come from by clicking “open source module”
  • From one place, update all views with numbers dependent on the current period, for example, for rolling forecasts and plans

Ultimately, these enhancements not only speed up your modeling, but also benefit end users who will have more accurate and up-to-date models

Call center planning functions

We’ve improved our predictive analytics capabilities to more easily model and plan for call centers and similar systems. While maintaining your level of service, you can optimize the resources you need—and integrate the results into your workforce planning, financial planning, and other Anaplan apps. Get the call center app on the App Hub with Erlang B and C and other functions when the release is out.

Join the Anaplan Data Integration Community

Connect with other Anaplan customers, partners, and experts. Gain or share knowledge on integrating with sources like Salesforce.com, Workday, Oracle, and SAP. Learn about all the options to get data in and out of Anaplan, including our self-service user interface, Anaplan ETL connectors (Informatica, Dell Boomi, SnapLogic or MuleSoft), native connectors, linking Anaplan apps without ETL, and our APIs. Become a part of the Data Integration Community today!

Want more details?

Be sure to explore Anapedia to learn more about all of the new features and capabilities in this release.

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