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How finance can avoid a data scandal

The internet has given us many things: email, social platforms, Netflix, blockchain, WebMD, horrible hashtags—just to name a few. As the Internet uncovers new data sources and evolving technology applies it in innovative ways, businesses now, more than ever, have access to valuable insights that can significantly improve management decision-making and business performance.Big data brings… read more →

Is your enterprise business planning forward-looking enough?

CIOs are often asked to simultaneously reduce and rationalize IT footprints and infrastructure while delivering greater value and insights as strategic business leaders. This is no small feat, especially if they inherited technology stacks from someone who moved on a decade ago. Their predecessors often made the mistake of investing their entire business planning strategy… read more →

Sales forecasting fundamentals: how to stay ahead

Recently, I joined forces with Abe Awasthi, Senior Manager at Deloitte, for the webinar “Sales forecasting fundamentals,” hosted by the Sales Management Association, the first in a three-part series on sales force effectiveness. In the session, we walk through some recommended best practices for sales forecasting and discuss some roles that predictive analytics and machine… read more →

Using commodity sensitivity to inform financial decision-making

The effects of unpredictability can be felt nearly everywhere you look; Brexit, deteriorating international relations, increasing nationalism, weather events, and cyber-attacks all keep you wondering what’s next. This unpredictability, whether it’s geo-political, technological, environmental, economic, or societal, directly impacts the demand, supply, and prices in commodity markets.As businesses focus on cost transformation within the supply… read more →

Supply chain transformation starts on the inside

Every solid structure needs a firm foundation. Without the cornerstone in place, the building will waver and even crumble. It’s the same with a connected supply chain. The cornerstone of connected supply chain is a network of people, plans, data, and processes inside the enterprise.Connecting your supply chain within your organization first is essential because… read more →