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Scenario planning as a virtual reality experience

The virtual reality industry reportedly crushed third-quarter records. Exceeding quarterly shipments of more than one million units, virtual reality headsets are continuing on a trajectory of increasing popularity and widening acceptance.What’s more, this simulation technology attracts the curious beyond self-professed tech geeks and basement-dwelling video game enthusiasts. A Bloomberg View article recently explored virtual reality’s… read more →

Delivering efficient sales performance management with ALM

This story was originally posted on the Intagnent blog as Using Anaplan’s Application Lifecycle Management to Manage Changes to Your Models.With a rapidly evolving business environment, it’s important for sales organizations to prioritize agility in order to mitigate the impact of unforeseen market dynamics. Being aware of the relationship between potential disruptions and corporate business… read more →

Finance turns the page to integrated business planning

A recent webinar panel moderated by Joe Fleischer, Editorial Director of the Finance Channel Argyle Executive Forum, explored topical questions from top organizations around the adoption and implementation of integrated business planning (IBP) in today’s evolving operating environments.The webinar—which is available on demand and titled “The CFO playbook on integrated business planning: Why finance… read more →

A new chain link: connecting supply chain and finance

The planning process for supply chains spans myriad and diverse touchpoints. From factories to suppliers, distributors to vendors, and everything that falls in between, a multitude of elements need to be considered for optimal forecasting and business planning.For supply chains, an even greater opportunity is waiting in the wings—the adoption of a more holistic business… read more →