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Analyzing and planning with blockchain data

Henri Wajsblat, Anaplan’s Head of Financial Services Solutions, interviewed Tridant’s General Manager Rana Banerji about the expected benefits of blockchain technology and how he believes the Anaplan platform can complement blockchain architecture. What is a blockchain, and how does its technology relate to financial services?A blockchain is a type of distributed ledger-like an Excel® spreadsheet,… read more →

Training unlocks the value of Hub 2018

To some of my colleagues at Anaplan, the Monday of Hub—the full day of training held before the general sessions and breakouts begin—is a warm-up day. But to me and the Anaplan Academy team, it’s the main event. It’s the day when customers unlock the greatest value from their Hub 2018 experience. That value comes… read more →

The evolution of sales performance management

The trend is unmistakable: The workforce is aging. While economists contemplate the impact of this trend on the economy, I think about how an aging workforce—and the coming cohort of new, younger employees—affects sales tools and technologies such as sales performance management (SPM) software. (That is my job, after all.)Here’s what I see: As SPM… read more →

Learn how to power your sales organization to new heights at Hub 2018

As we count down to Hub 2018 in Las Vegas—my very first Hub experience—the anticipation is building for sales professionals. With strong breakout sessions, it promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for sales leaders to connect and learn from Anaplan’s customers and partners about the journey toward connected planning. Those who attend can expect to… read more →

A new supply chain for a new market

The supply chain of yesterday isn’t equipped to keep up with the market of today. Linear and sequential systems are quickly giving way to dynamic, interconnected, and agile platforms. Is your supply chain ready for the new market? In the new supply chain, agility is key. Speed is paramount. Responsiveness is essential. Disruptions happen and… read more →

Get prepared for the future of supply chain at Anaplan Hub

Supply chains are evolving on a daily basis. Rising consumer expectations demand a new model for retail supply chains. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a huge potential for influence. Digitization is becoming the new normal, and technologies like autonomous vehicles and cryptocurrency are affecting how supply chains operate. How can supply chain professionals keep… read more →

Using Zuul in production

In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to Zuul, tell you a little about API gateways, then dive into Spring Cloud Zuul, the specific implementation module we chose. I’ll also describe the three buckets that the various components of our implementation fall into and explain how we tune and configure them. I’ll finish by discussing… read more →