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End-of-year planning? End the madness

For many FP&A teams, the year-end brings more than renewed anticipation for resolutions and fresh starts. It brings a sense of dread. This is especially true for finance teams whose annual enterprise planning and budgeting process includes double-digit revisions to manual, Excel®-based budget templates.While different departments manage specific areas within the company-wide process, the FP&A… read more →

Connect with Anaplan at Hub 2018

When I joined Anaplan earlier this year, one of my first big responsibilities as CEO was to deliver the keynote address before hundreds of Anaplan customers, partners, and friends at our annual Hub conference. Hub turned out to be one of the high points of my first months on the job: I got to meet… read more →

Lionpoint Group helps private equity firms and investors with modeling and analysis of investment funds and portfolio management

Henri Wajsblat, Anaplan’s Head of Financial Services Solutions, interviewed Anaplan partner and Lionpoint Group Managing Director Jonathan Balkin about how new technology solutions can help the private equity sector improve fund of funds (FoF) portfolio management.Lionpoint Group recently released a Private Equity Portfolio Monitoring – Fund of Funds app on the Anaplan App Hub. Can… read more →

Why CFOs are moving forward and leaving Excel behind

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently published an article that explored a compelling opportunity in corporate financial planning. With firsthand insight gleaned from finance chiefs from a variety of industries, the article—titled “Stop Using Excel, Finance Chiefs Tell Staffs”—delved into some of the reasons why CFOs are directing their teams to leave spreadsheets behind in… read more →

A thriving supply chain needs a shared forecast

The modern supply chain is filled with a plethora of planning points: factories, suppliers, distributors, vendors, and beyond. As companies grow, increased complexity means more planning points that can intensify the risk of siloes, data issues, and manual re-planning. How do you keep key elements of your supply chain planning process connected so forecasts are… read more →

Driving ahead with enterprise performance management

Similar to any journey, the path to financial and operational excellence can often include steep twists and sharp turns. For FP&A teams, this includes navigation through fluctuating customer demands and mounting market volatility. Successful navigation also means that today’s FP&A teams have to anticipate performance gaps and drill down into root causes, collaborate strategically with… read more →

Feeling the cold, and the gratitude

I awoke with one thought: cold. I was shivering severely despite the many layers of clothing I already had on. I clambered, in my small pile of possessions, to find anything extra that I could wear, only to find a single jumper was all the extra clothing that remained. I knew it would not do… read more →