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Sales and finance Performance

The ultimate win-win: integrating sales and finance

In any organization, salespeople are going to do what they do best—make money. But on their way to meeting quota, are they taking the company with them? Or are they leaving the company’s business priorities behind in the wake of their personal success?Companies invest a considerable amount in their sales organizations. In fact, according to… read more →

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Anaplan’s marketing team streamlines alignment with sales op using Anaplan

Unlike the old days where fishermen acted as both marketing and sales (they advertised by yelling their catch of the day at passersby, and then wrapped the fish up streetside)—today aligning marketing activities and sales objectives has been an ongoing challenge.Anaplan has overcome this hurdle internally by implementing its own platform to align with sales… read more →

sales forecast accuracy

Trimble Navigation gains sales forecast accuracy and new insights with Anaplan

Trimble Navigation Limited, best known for its GPS technology, has a multinational sales organization that operates in 198 countries around the world. With a globally dispersed sales force, Trimble faced several challenges, including real-time insights and an accurate sales forecast. To battle these challenges, Trimble tried multiple Excel-based systems in a variety of formats. Those… read more →

What is Anaplan's ROI?

Eliminating the strategy-execution gap

Most businesses fail to re-plan and re-align quickly enough to capitalize on (and let alone deal with) change. The constant torrent of changes that take them off their planned course is used as a reason for failure in every part of the business. “We had no way of seeing that coming” is a common phrase… read more →

planning platform

Anaplan implementation tips: What to consider when moving off spreadsheets

You’ve spent hours, days, and weeks (maybe months) pulling data from siloed point solutions into massive spreadsheets, hoping to consolidate and analyze the data holistically. But the reality is that this task quickly becomes a black hole for issues like spreadsheet version control, data inconsistencies, long processing times, and, of course, data security. Regardless of… read more →

Office Culture

Join the Team! York-based Anaplanners gain a new hobby and rush of excitement at a track cycling session

There is one sport in particular that I couldn’t wait to watch in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio—the track cycling! The sport requires concentration, speed, and athleticism, and takes place in specially-designed velodromes. I’ve been hooked ever since I attended my first track session at the Manchester Velodrome, and wanted to share my passion… read more →

model building strategies

How to enable another model builder: Key concepts and strategies in Anaplan

As an Anaplan consultant, partner, or internal expert model builder, you are tasked with architecting the solution. The successful deployment of this solution is vital to making (and keeping) Anaplan users happy. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that at least one additional resource is enabled and capable of owning the Anaplan model… read more →