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We have reinvented enterprise planning and modeling

While our vision is to shake up an industry with a disruptive technology, we are also determined to build a great company that values transparency and engagement with our customers, employees and the community at large. To that end, we are dedicating our products, equity, time, and website to causes our employees, customers and partners care about.



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Our Core Values


We relentlessly innovate to create the best experience imaginable for our users.


We strive to match the accelerating rate of change in today’s global business world.


We believe in measurement, making decisions by numbers, and being transparent about performance.


We are honest, innovative, and reliable in our dealings.

Our backstory


On a mission

Anaplan’s Chief Architect, Michael Gould, recognizes that the existing vendor architecture simply cannot support the next generation of planning software. Michael leaves his job in order to build his vision—a planning platform that takes full advantage of the latest computing transformations: in-memory computing, 64 bit multi core processing, database innovation and SaaS delivery.

Hyperblock™ is born

Two years later, Michael brings the best features of three architectures together—cube, columnar database, and cell-based. The patented technology–Hyperblock™–enables a single modeling environment for entire organizations and the ability to recalculate massive models at spreadsheet-like speed.



Building for the business user

Continuing to innovate on the Hyperblock™, the Anaplan dev team is assembled to develop an engaging user interface and the patented Living Blueprint™–giving business users the ability to define, manage and modify business rules.

Disrupting the market

Anaplan’s complete platform delivers rapid go-live, advanced calculations, a near desktop experience and changes on-the-fly without IT dependency. Anaplan closes a Series A round of funding from private investors and secures its first customer, Jive Software.




Anaplan closes a Series B of funding from Shasta and Granite Ventures. With significant market momentum by year-end, the company is named as one of 12 companies to watch by FSN.

More growth!

Anaplan rapidly grows its customer base to include companies such as McAfee, HP and Pandora. Gartner names Anaplan a Cool Vendor.



Over 15,000+ users and going strong

With models up to 70 billion cells deployed across the globe, Anaplan opens offices in Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Singapore. Anaplan acquires UK-based partner Vue Analytics. To propel growth, Anaplan closes a Series C Round of funding with Meritech and Salesforce.

A new world of apps

Anaplan closes a $100M Series D funding round led by DFJ Growth, with investments from salesforce.com and Workday. Anaplan opens offices in Malaysia, Russia, and Australia, for 13 locations in 10 countries. Anaplan launches the App Hub – the first-ever application community for enterprise planning – and more than doubles its user base to over 35,000 Anaplanners.



Unstoppable growth

Customers, employees, and revenues more than double. The App Hub grows to 100+ apps, and over 3,000 people attend Anaplan Hub world tour events. Named a “Visionary” by Gartner in two Magic Quadrants for Corporate Performance Management1 and Sales Performance Management.2 Mary Meeker features Anaplan as the Planning and Performance Optimization category leader in her annual “Internet Trends 2015” report.


Stay tuned as the
disruption continues…

A global community of customers

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  1. Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management Suites” by Christopher Iervolino and John E. Van Decker, April 2, 2015.
  2. Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management” by Tad Travis, January 6, 2015.
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