Anaplan Cares

It’s time for enterprise software to give back

While our vision is to shake up an industry with a disruptive technology, we are also determined to build a great company that values transparency and engagement with our customers, employees and the community at large. To that end, we are dedicating our products, equity, time, and website to causes our employees, customers and partners care about.

Our Commitment

Our Products

Our technology was not meant to live in a corporate silo. With discounted rates, non-profits across the globe can leverage the power of our platform.

Our Equity

Anaplan is funding the Anaplan Cares Foundation 501(c)(3) with 1% of our equity.

Our Time

Anaplan employees may take 3 days of Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to volunteer and engage in causes that contribute to the greater good.

Our Website

We are dedicating space on our website to feature and support causes our employees and customers care about.

Help get us started!

We are giving away our solution FREE to a non-profit.
Anaplan customers and partners, help us choose! Nominate a non-profit below.

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