100 Percent Customer Hit Ratio in Benelux


At the end of 2013, I shared my excitement around the launch of Anaplan Benelux and with the enthusiasm of our prospects when seeing Anaplan in action, solving their long-standing performance management challenges in a matter of hours.

Today, we announced some new customers in the Benelux, including CSM Bakery Supplies and StepStone. Head over to Anaplan Blazes into Benelux with Multiple New Customers for the details.

What’s most exciting about this news is that the proof-of-concept hit ratio (that is, the percentage of prospects turning into customers) for Anaplan Benelux is today at 100 percent! We kicked off 2014 with four new customers, significantly raising the total number of customers in the Benelux, which is an unprecedented success considering we only held our launch event in September 2013.

I would like to use this channel to again thank our new customers: CSM Bakery Supplies, Medialaan, Stage Entertainment, and StepStone; and our implementation partners: Finext, EyeOn Solutions, element61, and Business & Decision.

As manager of customer success, I am proud to report that the feedback we’ve received on why these companies selected Anaplan has been unanimous:

  1. The technology. Our solution stands out and, according to our prospects/new customers, cannot be matched by any competitor other than with a variety of different solutions/products. Anaplan’s planning and modeling engine is able to handle large volumes of transactions in real time, enabling planning across the traditional borders of finance into their sales and operations departments. The connected enterprise can finally be made a reality on a single platform without investment in hardware. The fact that Anaplan is a 100 percent cloud solution now allows customers to extend the planning process outside of their organizations to involve suppliers and shareholders into the process with no additional infrastructural investments.
  2. Low TCO and high ROI. These companies all calculated the total cost of ownership and return on investment they could expect with new planning software solutions. Anaplan’s SaaS offering clearly won the race.
  3. Lastly, but equally important, they selected Anaplan for the enthusiasm, energy and dedication we bring to the table. We did not bore them with overly complex slides. Instead, we brought a hands-on, no-nonsense, and lets-do-it approach to address their specific pain points. Every prospect, however big or small, is equally important to us. These customers appreciated that we gave them the same level of attention that some of our well-known customers such as HP, McAfee, and Kimberly-Clark receive.

In summary, it is a combination of Anaplan’s platform, people, and price that have proven to be the key elements helping us achieve our 100 percent hit ratio. We are thrilled to bring Anaplan’s cloud-based, in-memory platform to more customers in the Benelux in 2014, and we look forward to showcasing how Anaplan is solving long-standing business problems that no other solution has been able to address until now.

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