5 BILLION cell models built in 45 minutes and calculates < 42 seconds

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Take 60,000 SKUS, 200 stores, 52 weeks, with all the leaf > parent relationships and an 8 line item calculation dimension.

That’s a 5 Billion cell Model. Based on last year’s actuals we want to plan an uplift % for each sku, for each store by every week – that’s allocating over 600 million cells. Then add up each of the leaf > parent levels (eg weeks into months) and derive a grand total.

42 seconds for Anaplan to perform the allocation and aggregation!!!!!!!

Anaplan allocations are just one of the 100’s of features we do well; much more impressive is the time it takes to build and maintain models – the above model was built in about 45 minutes ‘out-of-the-box’. No IT. Anybody could build it after attending an introductory 3 hour course on Anaplan – provided we provisioned the 40GB Ram workspace it required!! Should note that we didn’t import the data for this test, but derived the base numbers. Loading the data might have added another 15 minutes (define the import, execute the upload).

Looking forward to your comments – are these results defining new performance standards for the industry??

So who would use this? Anybody interested in using last year’s/season’s SKU’s, Products, Stores etc as a base to derive a merchandizing, store, demand, supply chain plan for this year. Then connect it to our finance modules and see the impact on cash and profit.

One thought on “5 BILLION cell models built in 45 minutes and calculates < 42 seconds

  1. The French word for english “Million” is also Million. But the french word for english Billion is “Milliard”. and the french word Billion means if fact in english One Thousand english Billion.

    Thus it took me four seconds to realize that the customer does not work with a One Thousand Billion cells model but “only” with a 5 Billion cells… which is already so much more than we were even able to dream of a few months ago. I will not be surprised if one day Anaplan actually adresses the One Thousand Billion cells model.

    I means, the limits used to be software’s limits. Nowaday, with Anaplan, the limits are customers”s limits, not the softwares one. That make a huge difference.

    Of course we already had to cope with customers limits: internal resources to build the model. Now, with Anaplan, this limit has been swithed off: 45 minutes to build the model is no longer working time, it’s a coffee break time model.

    Many Thanks for posting this.

    Best regards.

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