5 model builder tips & tricks on the new features in Anaplan’s fourth platform release of 2015


Are you an Anaplanner looking to hone your skills? Look no further! Anaplan is constantly innovating, and there are some exciting updates for Anaplanners in the latest platform release that will help you plan, collaborate, and act even more quickly across your business.

Whether you are new to Anaplan or a seasoned model builder, these five tips and tricks from Anaplan model builder Vicky Ascencio will help you get the most out of Anaplan’s fourth platform release of 2015 (2015.4). This is the third post in an ongoing series on Model Builder Tips & Tricks for Anaplanners. In case you missed them, the last two posts in this series covered dashboards and the navigation panel.

5 Tips & Tricks: become a planning whiz with the new platform features!

  1. Dropdowns: list formatting for line items
  2. With the 2015.4 platform release, you can now filter what users can select from dropdowns based on selective access or a dependent relationship. With the selective access setting turned on, users will see fewer options, making their planning selections much easier. The options displayed to them are directly related to their model permissions. Dependent dropdowns allow you to filter data in a dropdown based on previous configurations, allowing you to make the process a two-step approach.

  3. CUMULATE: now more powerful
  4. The CUMULATE function can now be used with lists! You can use it across items of a named list, and the cumulate summing will follow the original order. You can still use it to cumulate sums from the first time period across the entire timescale and you can now also reset the cumulate amount with a Boolean.

  5. RANKCUMULATE: a new formula
  6. The RANKCUMULATE formula was introduced to allow Anaplanners to cumulate against a list with ranking criteria. Being able to see the additive quantities of items gives you more flexibility. You can use this new functionality to easily calculate commissions with a total-to-date component.

  7. New PowerPoint® add-in: create reports with ease
  8. The Anaplan PowerPoint add-in is here! It allows you to embed Anaplan data into your PowerPoint slides. You can create tables, charts, and text—and when it’s time to present, you can refresh the slide deck with just one click. How easy is that?!

  9. No more “Close All” icon: right click a tab for options
  10. The “Close All” option is now available to you from within any tab. When you right click on a tab, you can close the individual tab or close all tabs by clicking “Close All.” You can also click the red icon on the tab to close individual tabs.

We hope you enjoy using the updated navigation panel and the other new features in Anaplan. We look forward to bringing you more exciting updates with next month’s platform release.

The model builder tips and tricks webinar is coming … get ready to enhance your skills!

Anaplan’s Tips & Tricks live webinar is scheduled for November and will cover many new features and benefits. To be able to take full advantage and become a model-building whiz, register now!

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