Achieving company growth at EAT


EAT, a rapidly growing London-based sandwich shop, needed to streamline its financial processes and systems so that its business could scale. With the potential opportunity to open 100+ storefronts, EAT needed a planning tool that was flexible, agile, and not dependent on an IT infrastructure.

Strahan Wilson, CFO of EAT, understood that company growth can be a difficult process if handled incorrectly. With that in mind, he turned to Anaplan to help achieve the company’s goal of growing its business without adding headcount. In order to do so, EAT needed to implement a new system, as well as new processes, that would be able to scale with its growth.

“Our setup pre-Anaplan was a classic spreadsheet nightmare,” Wilson explained. Prior to Anaplan, the company “had a total of 27 spreadsheets—all of which were barely interlinked and were used across the three planning horizons.” Through Anaplan, EAT eliminated spreadsheets and was able to easily and quickly determine from a product basis how much labor it needed at each store—resulting in improved queue times and better service.

The power of Anaplan has had a huge impact on the day-to-day business changes of EAT and transformed the way the organization looked at its future planning processes. Anaplan made a lasting impression at EAT as the company’s first cloud implementation. “We’re seeing through our results in our stores,” said Wilson, “higher sales, better productivity, better flow-through of profit—and so, if you start attributing even a small percentage of that against the cost of Anaplan, then the ROI is very good indeed.”

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