Air Asia Expedia at Anaplan Hub 2013

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Anaplan Hub 2013 – Air Asia Expedia

“The first phase of our implementation took us about six weeks – I was expecting Anaplan to at least to take four to six months looking from the experience I had in SAP or in Hyperion implementation.”
– Henry Tjan, Head FP&A at Air Asia Expedia

“Currently, we are using Anaplan for our budget, our forecasting, and also, loading up our actual information into the system. So eventually, it could come out, we have a budget tool itself for our end users to really input their information so that we can do the analysis we want. And going forward, of course we want to really make use of Anaplan to do some testing, building scenario into the model itself and also to use it as a BI tool to do some analysis, PowerPoint charts and well everything.”

This video session was recorded at Anaplan Hub 2013, on May 22nd in San Francisco.

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