Amelia Generalis Joins the Team as Head of Talent

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Anaplan has added yet another superstar to its constellation: welcome Amelia Generalis to the team!

As the Head of Talent, Amelia brings her 20+ years of experience to ensure that Anaplan scales to meet its tremendous growth, and has a voice of customer from the HR perspective. Prior to Anaplan, Amelia led Employee Success at Achievers. She also acted as an HR Leader at SuccessFactors, Tyco Electronics, Electronic Arts, Royal Dutch Shell, and Ford Motor Company. Amelia holds a MBA from Vanderbilt and a BA from College of Charleston. She is passionate about creating business value through people and finding way to energize, focus, and deliver breakthrough results.

We decided to mix it up a little and ask Amelia some ice breakers:

  1. In one word, how would you describe Anaplan?
    Fierce and inspiring
  2. If adult you had listened to child you, what would you have become when
    you grew up?

    Sassy dancer
  3. You have a teleporter and can travel anywhere – so where are you going?
    Saville, Spain
  4. Snow or sun?
    Sun – always

While Anaplan can’t always promise sun in San Francisco (a certain Mark Twain quote comes to mind…), we’re a big fan of all things fierce and inspiring. Welcome to the team Amelia!

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