Anaplan’s 2nd release of 2015: The best of both worlds

Folia Grace

Vice President, Product Marketing

Personal productivity tools, like Office® Excel, have their limitations. Take, for example, revenue forecasting for a typical products and services company. Forecasting revenue in Excel—with multiple drivers, data inputs, and calculations—and analyzing the forecast by many dimensions (region, product line, customer type) is beyond painful. That’s the type of complex business planning where Anaplan excels (no pun intended).

At the same time, people like using desktop tools to format management-ready reports and to input simple information, such as departmental budgets. That’s why in Anaplan’s 2nd release of 2015 we’ve delivered a two-way connection with Excel. With Anaplan you get the best of both worlds: powerful, real-time modeling and a dynamic connection to your favorite spreadsheet tool.

And there’s much more to celebrate in this release. Here’s a run-down of the highlights:

Anaplan for Office® Excel for reporting and input

  • Create and share presentation-quality formatted financial reports with ease
  • Enter budgets offline, confidently consolidating with your corporate plan in one click
  • Use Anaplan for Office Excel to quickly move your plan, “what-if” model, or budget into Excel—online or offline
  • Watch the video for more details on Anaplan for Office Excel

Three new engagement features enrich your collaboration, search, and drill-down experiences

Help your department leaders understand the context for changes to information on their dashboards with new engagement features:

  • New multi-line commentary on any cell, enhancing collaboration around your plans
  • Enhanced right-click function that enables immediate and intuitive search, as well as ability to drill to transaction for the time period and version of your choice
  • Watch the video to learn about engagement features in depth

Faster plan maintenance with search and magnify for model maps

Model maps provide visual representations of the connections between your plan elements. For example, you can see how a budget driver, such as workforce benefit percentages, is connected to your workforce budgets with Anaplan model maps. With the new search and magnify capability, you can:

Additionally, with this release you now have time period formatting in your line items. With this new option, you can choose the granularity of time that you want to track at the line-item level. Many of the common functions you use, such as LOOKUP and SUM, have been extended to make use of the time period formatting.

Deliver a unified view of your plans and results with more integration options

  • The Anaplan Data Integration tool set now includes a Mulesoft ETL connector that accelerates integration to popular transaction systems
  • Joint customers can now leverage Mulesoft’s packaged connectors to on-premise systems and cloud systems

To learn more about this release, visit the release page and explore the latest release notes in Anapedia.