Anaplan apps help you match supply and demand in hyper-change environments

Anaplan apps help you match supply and demand in hyper-change environments

Trying to match the supply and demand is crucial for successful supply chain planning. It’s a simple problem to understand but it’s highly complex to solve. Currently this type of planning is done in silos and spreadsheets are used to tie these plans together. While we depend on spreadsheets on a daily basis, they are also error-prone, cumbersome, and painfully time consuming.

Companies have tried and failed to deliver truly end-to-end, agile supply chain planning. Instead, most were only able to deliver siloed products that seldom addressed both supply and demand. In order to stay competitive, companies must be equipped to tackle any planning challenge. With high volatility in demand and a fluctuating economy, there is no better time for cloud planning to disrupt the supply chain industry.

Anaplan recently announced the launch of a suite of supply chain planning apps that leverage cloud-based planning to provide customers with a flexible and scalable all-in-one solution. The apps were launched in Singapore during Hub 2015, the first stop in our global series of planning conferences for unstoppable business.

The three new applications include Demand Planning, Supply Planning, and Executive Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). You can download these new planning apps from the Anaplan App Hub, or continue reading for more information about what the apps can do for you.

Demand Planning – own your demand plan with a level of flexibility that allows you to rapidly adapt to market shifts

  • Increase demand visibility across all planning hierarchies and the entire supply chain network
  • Increase supplier and customer collaboration to sense external and internal demand signals in real time
  • Optimize promotions to market realities by tracking spend and ROI
  • Increase net sales and gross margins by providing insights into promotion spending

Supply Planning – build one globally orchestrated, collaborative master plan, so you can quickly respond to both supply and demand variability

  • Get better coverage and deeper visibility into all aspects of your supply plan with a flow-based approach
  • Optimize performance across multiple supply chain partners and diverse activities such as sourcing, allocation, procurement, rough-cut capacity, distribution, and inventory
  • Prepare for a range of future scenarios with “what-if” simulations in all planning views
  • Drive toward greater profitability by optimizing cost and revenue at all levels in the supply chain

Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planning – unite all of your sub-planning processes so you can collaborate with other departments on a single source of truth

  • Gain consensus quickly and continuously refine your plans, as one change instantaneously ripples through all of your demand and supply interconnections
  • Extend collaboration internally and with external supply chain partners, subsidiaries, and joint alliances
  • Understand the financial impacts of tradeoffs, for example between market share and profitability
  • Increase revenues, margins, and operating performance

Ready to learn more about matching supply and demand in hyper-change environments? Check out the full press release and discover how our apps allow you to do end-to-end supply chain planning in a single environment – and also integrate your finance and sales plans all in one.

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