Anaplan creates havoc in London

Anaplan is beating the drum for collaborative modeling in the cloud the world over. Last week it was Europe’s turn as Guy headed to London and into a solid week of back-to-back meetings with partners, clients and analysts. He managed to drop in on Gary Simon, editor of FSN, who had this to say about the industry and Anaplan’s entry into the market:

“What a peculiar week. No sooner had I finished writing this week’s editorial feature about the lack of credibility in cloud computing for CPM applications than I hear that Guy Haddelton is behind (and in front of) a newly launched supplier of planning and analytical applications in the cloud, called Anaplan. In a move which is certain to inject much needed credibility into the cloud space, Guy has teamed up with his old chief co-developer Michael Gould (and other Adaytum ‘trekkies’) to form a worthy alternative to the on-premises model.”

“The Anaplan management team have the pedigree and domain knowledge to make this work and the early indications are that others agree. Talking to me in London yesterday I asked Guy to explain his reasons for coming out of retirement.  He told me, “I saw that both the technology and vendor business models remained locked in the 1990s; SaaS might have come of age, but at a fundamental level the ‘new’ enterprise solutions are just old technology models on a hosted platform.”

“We are going to create havoc” he added. Game on!!”

Game on indeed. Read Gary’s full post.

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