Anaplan Eliminates Versioning Problems – Quick Time-Saving Tips

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Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Pre-Sales

Have you ever started working on your forecast, spent hours updating a model only to realize you are working in the wrong version of your forecast?  You went into the wrong folder in the network and altered a previous forecast file or a new version had been created but you didn’t know about it?


Now the history of your previous forecast is gone unless you can convince someone in IT to get your restored copy from last night.  Not only did you lose all the work you did on that model, but now you have to recreate it in the new version and get someone in IT to fix your mistake.  This can be such a hassle.

Anaplan Solution
You never have to worry about making a major mistake to your Anaplan model because every change is tracked and recorded so at any given time, you can roll the whole model back to a point in time before you started making changes.  It’s like a giant undo button.  If only life had a giant undo button!

Jill King


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