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Anaplan empowers PwC Belgium to improve its financial budgeting process


The platform for orchestrating performance.

PwC is one of the largest professional services firms in the world that delivers tax, legal, audit, and consulting services. The PwC Belgium finance team, comprised of 40 people, is responsible for the budgeting process, financial compliance, and closing of the books on a monthly basis. When the team began to notice that their current financial system was not working the way that they liked and required too much time to maintain, they decided to investigate the issue. They realized that they needed more transparent budgeting and planning processes, as well as the ability to run simulations, so that they could react more quickly to unforeseen changes.

After some digging, the team realized it wasn’t their process that was slow. It was their tool—in this case, Excel spreadsheets. They decided to look for a solution that could provide the agility they needed to improve their financial process.

“One of the first successes we had with Anaplan was the implementation of our long-term plan. Our long-term plan normally takes about three weeks. This year, we did it in one week.”

Sandy Aers , CFO PwC Belgium

During the Anaplan implementation, the team immediately noticed the ease of transitioning from Excel to Anaplan. The implementation did not require a separate IT team or outside specialists, and took only a total of 80 working days to complete. After implementation, they noticed several key benefits, including:

  • Immediate results. With Anaplan corporate budgeting and planning, PwC Belgium now has instant insight into the data and numbers, enabling them to act quickly and make adjustments in real time.
  • Transparency. Given the complexity of the company’s structure and the budgeting process, it was important that the numbers were easy to understand.

With Anaplan’s agility, PwC Belgium is ready for any changes that may come their way.

Watch the video to see the full PwC Belgium story.