Anaplan enables business readiness for the supply chain of tomorrow


Industry experts and companies at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Summit, held in Phoenix in late May, made the next few years sound like a science fiction novel for the supply chain community. A variety of technologies will converge—including artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, planning, business networks, design, 3D printing, machine learning, and self-driving vehicles—to revolutionize the industry by 2020. We are talking about disruption comparable to when the world switched from paper to computer-based operations.

There we have it: An entirely new world awaits us just three years from now. Rest easy, because come 2020, supply chain leaders will be kicking back while their supply chains run themselves. Sounds pretty great, right? Unfortunately, change doesn’t simply happen—it requires action. You will need to guide your organization through the disruption that will inevitably impact your industry, regardless of what industry you’re in.

With all the technological innovation on the horizon, the question for supply chain leaders today must be: Is your business ready to transform itself using these disruptive technologies? If the answer is no, it is likely because you struggle with leveraging your existing supply chain data. Legacy technology companies have built massive ecosystems and knowledge bases for customers to use, but fundamentally, these companies offer inflexible amalgamations of acquired software. Unfortunately, the business user suffers from legacy systems’ rigidity in both the near term when reacting to market changes, and in the long term when trying to incorporate new technologies into business processes.

An excellent example of process innovation was presented at the Gartner summit by one of Anaplan’s supply chain customers, Dish Network. Sid Powar, Senior Manager of Supply Chain Planning and Inventory Control, spoke about the company’s journey to collaborative materials and inventory planning excellence within its paid-TV business. (Here’s a brief recap.) As Dish continues to expand its products and services into new categories, Anaplan’s flexibility and agility is playing a key role in securing a competitive advantage.

With unrivaled flexibility within a structured framework to help your business scale both existing and new business processes across people, plans, and data without the need for programming or IT ownership, it’s no wonder Anaplan has seen such traction in the supply chain space over the past two years. Businesses are increasingly aware of the need to constantly innovate and adapt to evolving markets, and Anaplan is uniquely positioned to drive this journey, regardless of industry, maturity, and scale. If your organization is feeling the pressure, it is time to connect your supply chain using the Anaplan platform.

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