Anaplan Learning Center: the Enablement Journey

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If you’ve been keeping tabs on communications over the last couple weeks, you may have noticed Anaplan’s new Learning Center went live with our spring release. You may have also noticed Anaplanners talk not about training, but enablement. Why? What’s the difference?

Put simply, training is an event; enablement is a journey. You get a couple of nice memories out of an event; you get a tangible reward out of a journey.

To illustrate, I want to talk a little bit about the last time I mastered something new. Last winter, I learned that my gardens had been selected to be on a tour this month. In order to prepare for this tour, I needed to do something about what gardeners call “the hellstrip” – the six feet between our sidewalk and the street here in Minneapolis. Essentially, this little swath of my front yard was a hotbed for weeds, anthills, and street litter (NOT what I wanted as my tour visitors’ first impression.) But this strip – let’s call it a “boulevard” – gets some serious abuse (sand, salt, terrible temperature swings and high foot traffic in winter, either flooded or parched all summer long. Great stuff, right?) It’s a challenge, but I decided I was going to put in a boulevard garden to prepare for the tour.

Did I go take a training class on hellstrip (oh wait, weren’t we going to say boulevard) gardening? Nope.
Instead, I:
• Googled boulevard garden plans
• Investigated with fellow master gardener volunteers who’d undertaken the same project
• Applied my existing knowledge of water and sun exposure in my front yard, and paired it with my knowledge of and resources on abuse-friendly plants as I drew up a plan for my boulevard
• Asked a boulevard gardening expert to review my garden design
• Leveraged my network to find spare plants, landscaping rock, and other materials I was going to need to complete my project

So I sit here, six months and countless hours later, with both a completed boulevard garden and a completed enablement journey. I learned a TON, applied it in real life, and have something to show for it. Pretty sweet, huh?

We’re just getting started on the same concept here at Anaplan, but it’s not a new concept. Professional organizations have been saying learning is a process for several years. The Association for Talent Development recently posted a blog in which two experts say plainly: we need to stop delivering training events.

I couldn’t agree more. As I mentioned in my previous blog, we retain so little of what learn in a single event. Applying what we have available in our communities (our network, online, our own expertise) leads to knowledge transfer, and a tangible outcome.

With that, I encourage all Anaplanners (if you haven’t already done so) to join the conversation and take the first step – register for Anaplan Learning Center. Provide feedback as we beta test courses and resources. Let us know what we need to build next, how we can improve resources like Anapedia or user groups. How can we make your Anaplanner enablement experience rich and useful? Join us, and help create something more beautiful out of your Anaplan journey.

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