A Fast-Growing Cloud Computing Company Turns To Anaplan To Make Workforce Planning Strategic

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The subject is a fast-growing cloud computing company that specializes in delivering the CRM tools that organizations need to collaborate and connect with their customers and employees. The company’s strategic planning team is tasked with coordinating a massive, data-centric initiative to understand their existing resource needs, identify resources to meet projected needs, and align their output with enterprise-wide business goals.

The Issues
The Excel-based process of meeting executives’ requests was unwieldy and time-consuming. The team of four people was tasked with consolidating spreadsheets, each with a different level of detail, that they received from up to thirty people. To further complicate matters, whenever a decision-maker changed their request—asked for a different level of detail or reframed the scope of the question—the team had to go back to square one. Oftentimes, the Director turned to the IT department to help pull data and change the hierarchy or organization of output—a step in the process that caused additional delays in the process. Yet another concern the team faced when working on a workforce plan was that they couldn’t scale in Excel.

The Results
Anaplan was deployed, and made an immediate impact on the team’s productivity and the quality of their work. It reduced the workload for the entire team. Anaplan’s unified platform allows for what the Director refers to as ‘collaborative spread-sheeting’ among the 30-plus users who input data. The team can run complex scenarios to quickly answer questions that might have taken a few days in the old process. Anaplan has made the team’s previously cumbersome task of taking data from Excel and putting into 50-page PowerPoint presentation —which frequently required up to two 60-hour workweeks— obsolete.

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