Anaplan Rocks…

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This week we had further feedback about the significant innovations that Anaplan offers over TM1, Hyperion and Cognos. An independent TM1 consultant built a complex analytical planning and pricing prototype on Anaplan for a global distribution company in 8 hours. He expected it to take 60 – 80 hours.

Part of the reason why Anaplan is so fast to build (AND MAINTAIN) is that we have baked into the application structure most of the functionality that you would have to script elsewhere. For example we have 4 types of dimensions: Line Items, Time, Versions, Roll-ups. For each of these dimensions there is specific functionality unique to the task at hand. Versions have automatic roll-overs from actuals to forecasts, comparisons etc. Time has very rich date functionality useful for advanced analytics. In TM1, by contrast, time has to be coded from scratch. The other significant benefit of having task driven dimensionality is that it all maps naturally together when connecting modules. That’s why we offer point and click mapping…  The list of all the other benefits is too long for here, but you get the idea.

We are holding a webinar for TM1, Hyperion and Cognos Planning Professionals on Thursday March 10 commencing at 8am PST. Michael Gould, the Chief Architect of Anaplan and formerly one of the two authors of Adaytum will guide experienced multi-dimensional professionals through the exciting innovations that Anaplan introduces.

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