Anaplan Snaps in!


The newly completed Anaplan Snap was recently released to SnapLogic for QA. Tara Gilliam, a developer at Anaplan discussed her experience in building the Anaplan Snap via a guest post on the SnapLogic blog.

Here’s what she had to say about working with SnapLogic and the endless integration possibilities that are now open to Anaplan customers through our SnapLogic integration.

“We’ve been working with SnapLogic to provide Anaplan integration for a mutual customer who is a heavy user of FinancialForce, Xactly, Salesforce, Zuora and several other cloud data services. With SnapLogic’s cloud integration platform, we’ve produced a full-featured Snap, allowing customers to transfer data between Anaplan and all the data services SnapLogic already supports.

The SnapLogic platform makes it quick to start creating value. The Anaplan Snap was my first project as a new developer at Anaplan. I worked initially on uploading data from SnapLogic into Anaplan, and after starting from scratch the first beta of the Anaplan Importer was handed over for testing just 3 weeks later.

We’ve worked closely with SnapLogic to add more complex features to the Anaplan Snap. We’ve had quick responses throughout, and their support has been an essential part of our Snap development success. In addition to data upload, our Snap now supports data download back into SnapLogic for processing and verification, and the ability to run independent Imports, Exports, and Actions within Anaplan. This is all supported through SnapLogic’s simple graphical Designer, allowing Anaplan workspace browsing and task configuration through drop-down selections.”

Well done Tara! The completed Snap will be available shortly in their online SnapStore. We’re very excited about the infinite integration possibilities now available to Anaplan customers.

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