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Anaplan TEI study by Forrester reveals a 324% ROI

Todd Hallett

As Global Vice President of Presales and Value Insights, Todd Hallett has been with Anaplan for over four years. His team focuses on supporting customers throughout their Connected Planning journey to improve visibility, accountability, transparency, and foresight. Todd has over 25 years of enterprise software experience, including roles in sales, presales, sales operations, finance, and go-to-market strategy at companies such as SAP Ariba, Oracle, and General Mills.

Making decisions quickly, effectively, and confidently has never been a more challenging perplexity for business leaders. As the pace of business accelerates, more and more businesses look to Connected Planning for a competitive edge.

Why? Because the most successful enterprises no longer run on insular siloes and sluggish activities. Connected and synergetic, business functions such as finance, sales, marketing, workforce, and the supply chain are fibers of the same fabric and must move alongside one another effortlessly.

How do large, global enterprises achieve such fluent, conversational, and operational synergy? The answer is easy: through Connected Planning.
“Anaplan saves us money by creating standardization, reducing all sorts of time-consuming report creation and it gives better visibility and insights into our budget. Anaplan increases the efficiencies of the information to make decisions around operations more readily available.”
Senior finance and CoE manager, healthcare
The value that customers receive from using our Connected Planning platform goes well beyond those realized from traditional planning approaches. What we’ve known—and what has been shown in a newly released commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting—is that Anaplan’s platform can significantly and positively impact your company’s bottom line.

The way they were: Life before Connected Planning

As described by Forrester, Anaplan provides a cloud-based planning and modeling platform that enables organizations to automate and integrate data and drive dynamic, real-time updates to planning and budgeting processes. Its study interviewed seven Anaplan customers and based its results on a global company with $30B in revenues and 75,000 employees.

Prior to using the Anaplan platform, our customers shared that they used a variety of homegrown and point solutions to support and inform their planning processes. Many of them relying heavily on spreadsheets, customers reported that planning, as a whole, was disconnected across the organization and further siloed within each business unit.

Among many of the challenges reported, customers cited that they wrestled with costly version control issues, manual work efforts, disjointed processes, poor collaboration, and a lack of visibility and insight. With more time spent consolidating information than actually analyzing it, it became increasingly challenging for customers to find or maintain agility in quickly evolving environments.

Adding up the benefits: Key findings of the TEI study

Businesses moving to Connected Planning processes and tools experience company-wide advantages and remarkable cost savings. Through customer interviews, data collection, and financial analysis, Forrester concluded that the Anaplan platform delivers numerous benefits to customers over a three-year period.

The following are just a few of the benefits of the Anaplan platform included in the study:

  • Increased speed of data aggregation and forecasting by 50 percent.
  • SG&A expense improvements through improved visibility, optimized spend, and cost containment.
  • Sales pipeline consolidation and forecasting is two times faster.
  • Over $3.6 million in model development costs are saved with low code requirements and business unit ownership.
  • Demand planning forecasting reduces inventory value by 15% and increases planning productivity by 40%


over a 3-year period

using the Anaplan platform
FP&A efficiency improvement of 50 percent for aggregation and forecasting
SG&A expense ratio improvement of 1.5%
Demand planning cost savings and productivity improvements of 40%

And the benefits don’t stop there. Some of the study results simply can’t be measured in numbers. According to one of the customers—a finance director in the technology industry—implementing the Anaplan platform completely shifted the company perception as well:

“I would say Anaplan has definitely come in and changed the perception of the company on what we will be able to deliver. There is definitely a change in perceived value-add from the advantages of what Anaplan can deliver.”

Other benefits revealed in the study include swift and effective process changes, timely and detailed information for reliable long-term planning decisions, improved relationships with suppliers, and more accurate forecasting and better visibility with a single source of data. The study further noted the platform’s access to real-time dashboards, which help democratize data and drive performance ownership.
That’s not all—download “The Total Economic Impact™ of Anaplan” study conducted by Forrester Consulting to learn about the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Anaplan.

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