Anaplan’s 3rd release of 2015: A beautiful new UI and smarter planning

Anaplan's 3rd release of 2015

To keep pace with your competitors, customer demands, and market disruptions, it’s critical to empower business users across departments to plan and make decisions more easily and accurately. In fact, according to the Aberdeen Group, organizations that take an integrated approach to planning saw a six percent increase in profit margins over the past two years.1 Anaplan provides a single environment for all business functions to model their changing business and plan collaboratively in real time.

With the third Anaplan release of 2015, we’re making it easier to drive planning participation across business functions with an optimized new look and feel and even more interactive planning and reporting. This will not only benefit the models and apps you have today but also new ones you build or provision from the Anaplan App Hub.

Let’s take a look at the enhancements you’ll be excited to learn more about:

An optimized new look and feel

With a brand-new look and feel and new usability enhancements, you’ll see new colors for charts and simpler designs for faster analysis and decision-making. For both end users and model builders alike, your interactive views are now even more intuitive.

Optimized UI design

More interactive and impactful planning and reporting applications

Anaplan empowers you to create highly interactive views for planning, data-entry forms, and reporting. Now these views are more powerful than ever before, thanks to a new set of features delivered in this release.

Create even smarter, data-driven applications

New functionalities now allow you to build a smarter interaction and navigation logic with your application’s views, driven by your data and your interactive selection.

Easier to use applications

Simplify model and dashboard designs with more powerful data filtering

Maintain multiple values for a filter in your views with more effective interactive filtering. Get where you need to go even faster than before.

Dynamically zoom in on the data you need most

Show or hide nested dimension values in the detail grid of the view with new synchronized master-detail panes. With this new feature, you can now dynamically zoom in within interactive dashboards.

Improved performance and Microsoft Office single sign-on

In addition to the above enhancements, we have made performance improvements for adding master data on the fly. We can scale to thousands of users and tens of billions of cells to plan on—and it’s now faster than ever. Finally, to simplify our user experience and for added security, we’ve also enabled single sign-on for our Microsoft Office reporting and planning.

Want more details? Learn more about all of the new features and capabilities in this release by checking out the release webpage. Want a closer look? Check out the two videos below to explore this release in more depth.


  1. Nick Castellina. “Integrated Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Planning: Accurate Forecasts, Confident Decisions.” Aberdeen Group. Published April 2014. Accessed December 8, 2014.

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