Anaplan’s CPO and CMO discuss the innovation of Anaplan in 2015 and beyond


With five major product releases that included many exciting innovations and enhancements for customers, 2015 was a huge year for Anaplan development.
In the 2015 Year in Review video series, Anaplan’s Chief Product Officer, Simon Tucker, and Chief Marketing Officer, Grant Halloran, discuss innovations in five key areas: Anaplan’s apps, user experience, security, performance, and integration.

Planning apps and customer innovation

cloud-tv-rb-Facebook-200x200_v2There were 60+ new apps added to the App Hub in 2015, solving planning challenges across business processes and industries. “In a year, we’ve not only seen that grow to a hundred applications but what we’ve also seen is we’re now into version three, version four of some of these apps,” said Halloran. Anaplan has continuously been improving and expanding its existing applications along with the addition of new ones.

User experience

cloud-tv-rb-Facebook-200x200_v2By providing an elegant and continually improving user experience, Anaplan is giving time back to customers. An example of this is the enhanced dashboard. For example, Anaplan implemented a new way to design dashboards, allowing for multiple selections and more efficient configurations. New user interface upgrades included improved navigation of side panels, a fresh color palette and overall more organized design.


cloud-tv-rb-Facebook-200x200_v2Anaplan keeps data safe for customers, which include some of the largest companies in the world. Enhancements made to security this year included adding bigger data centers in new locations and enhancements to intrusion detections.


cloud-tv-rb-Facebook-200x200_v2Learn about the continuous innovation that is powering Anaplan’s engine: the Hyperblock™ This in-memory, java-based planning engine was optimized for both analytics and planning in 2015.


cloud-tv-rb-Facebook-200x200_v2Anaplan’s latest integration options are enabling customers to easily move their data in and out of Anaplan models. Aside from improved data integration processes, Anaplan has been working to build an ecosystem of connecters with different companies including MuleSoft and Informatica.

View these videos and hear how Anaplan’s innovation helps global enterprise customers accurately and collaboratively model and plan to meet changing market demands and business objectives.

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