Anaplan’s fourth release of 2016: Managing your connected plans


Connected planning is one of the critical capabilities for smart planning & performance management. When your business changes, your plans need to change too. At the forefront of this release are new choices to help you easily manage your connected solutions.

As our customers deploy Anaplan to more people in more departments, they’ve asked us for ways to ensure that all users are on the same page, know where data comes from, and have fast and secure access to valuable, actionable insights. Our latest release responds to those needs with choices, features, and capabilities to help you manage multiple applications, streamline model synchronization, and track model history. Additional enhancements now available let users more easily connect to data sources and deliver richer data visualization and reporting.

Connect and run your environment with Application Lifecycle Management

When you have multiple applications across your business, or have multiple environments (for testing and production, for example), you need to manage updates quickly and easily and have complete confidence in the result. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) helps you synchronize models between environments in just a few clicks, so changes made in a test environment can be migrated to production without manual intervention. This also gives added assurance that your production applications and data are secure and accurate. ALM also helps organizations separate and control model-building, administration, and deployment responsibilities.

More detailed model history

Security is a priority at Anaplan, and one important element of security is knowing what changes are made to a model, who made those changes, and when they were made. This level of detail is now available in release 2016.4 with model history details. This supports organizations’ heightened needs for security and auditability.

A new option for connecting to data

Data matters because of the story it tells, and the story enables you to make key decisions that deliver impact for your business. More data can tell a better story, so we are adding Anaplan HyperConnect, an option that makes ETL connectors available to the business user. Created by Anaplan using technology from Informatica, HyperConnect enables business users to extract, transform and schedule integration jobs through an intuitive interface. Anaplan HyperConnect joins Anaplan Connect, REST API, self-service, and ETL connectors for MuleSoft, SnapLogic, and Boomi as data integration options. It is currently available to select customers through our early access program; contact for information.

More reporting and visualization options

We have added to Anaplan’s native self-service reporting and visualization capabilities through an integration with Tableau, a global leader in visual analytics. The integration enables joint customers to more easily bring data from Anaplan into for self-service reporting and visualization.

To learn more about this release, visit the release page and explore the latest release notes in Anapedia.

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