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People of Anaplan: Meet Bhavik Vashi

Back in early 2014—in only his second month at Anaplan—Bhavik Vashi was a bit shocked to find himself in the company boardroom, presenting planning models to the company’s C-level executives. “In that moment, I realized that I made the right decision to join this company,” he said. “And I promised myself that I would always… read more →

People of Anaplan: Meet Drew Brieman

From his small-town roots in rural Wisconsin, to working in London in his 20s, to a career in technology sales in the American South today, Anaplan Strategic Account Executive Drew Brieman has cultivated a curious mind and broad interests that help him connect with customers in the Atlanta, Georgia, region. “I’m an introvert by nature,… read more →

People of Anaplan: Meet Hanyul Lee

Anaplan Strategic Account Executive Hanyul Lee loves making lists. Whether it’s a music playlist for a party, a list of tasks for the week ahead, or a list of fun places to take his daughter Maya, his life is ruled by lists. Fortunately, he found a spot on his to-do list—somewhere after “run a half… read more →

Find your Anaplan bliss at our Guru Zone

Each year, the Guru Zone gives you the chance to connect directly with experts who will field your burning questions, listen to your feedback, and connect you with like-minded Anaplanners. For Hub17, we’ve improved the Guru Zone experience by offering ongoing programs at six stations.Anaplan Community. Learn how you can earn Master Anaplanner status, join… read more →

Thank you to our Hub17 sponsors

Are you excited yet about Hub17, Anaplan’s annual user conference? We are! And with our sponsors lined up to speak at numerous breakout sessions, there’s a track for you, no matter your line of business. Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the sessions presented by our sponsors: Changing Role of Finance Teams. Finding “ready-to-go”… read more →

Hub17 Gold Sponsor highlight: OpenSymmetry

Our global user conference, Hub17, is fast approaching—an event that wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contributions of our sponsors. This year, OpenSymmetry, one of Anaplan’s leading implementation partners for sales force enablement and incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions, is a Gold Sponsor. With over 1,500 successful projects completed, OpenSymmetry has been recognized as… read more →

Hub17 Platinum Sponsor highlight: Deloitte

Our upcoming global user conference, Hub17 wouldn’t be possible without the generous participation of our sponsors. We’re thrilled that Deloitte is Hub17’s Global Platinum Sponsor this year. One of the world’s largest management consulting firms in Strategy and Operations, Human Capital, and Technology Services, Deloitte is also sponsoring our upcoming Hub Comes to You series… read more →

People of Anaplan: Zane Koeller

¿Habla español? Anaplan’s Zane Koeller does—and is “this close” to being fluent. Zane picked up his language skills when he studied abroad for six months in Madrid, where he also ate a lot of tapas and played lacrosse for the Spanish National Team. Now that he has joined Anaplan as a Solutions Consultant on the… read more →