Author: Anna Miller


3 blockchain insights that CFOs need to know

The premise of cryptocurrency seems innocuous enough and akin in some ways to a game of Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition. In the updated version of the classic board game, a dedicated banker virtually manages transactions throughout the game to eliminate

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From the Calculator to the Cloud

Opportunity shapes adaptation in finance

Evolutionary twists and turns can unfold at any time as companies adapt to innovations in technology. Take Nintendo, for example, which was established in 1889 as a distributor of playing cards. It wasn’t until decades later—1985, to be exact—that the

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Anaplan Hub

In Las Vegas, finance bets big on connected planning

Underpinning the glittering casinos, swanky cocktail lounges, and world-class restaurants in Las Vegas is the anticipation of success. In Vegas, success can linger around every turn: trying a new restaurant, being a VIP for a night, or winning big at

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End-of-year planning? End the madness

For many FP&A teams, the year-end brings more than renewed anticipation for resolutions and fresh starts. It brings a sense of dread. This is especially true for finance teams whose annual enterprise planning and budgeting process includes double-digit revisions to

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Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions

We’ve all been there. Trapped in a meeting with so little collaboration, it could have—no, strike that—should have been an email. The notion of a continuous financial planning process might initially give off a similar vibe: that of a tedious

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