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Webinar series covering each aspect of the sales planning process

Tactical tips to eliminate point solutions and spreadsheets within your sales planning process

Well-designed, accurate, and fair sales targets are hard to achieve. Many factors may hinder sales from accomplishing them, including internal politics, opinionated sales reps, inaccurate data (or lack thereof), and siloed or incomplete current and historical information. Many sales organizations manage each aspect of the sales process across separate point solutions, legacy sale software, and/or… read more →

Sales compensation

Research shows that organizations must release sales compensation and quota in a timely manner to meet goals and keep the sales force happy

In a recently released research survey, we found that 57 percent of organizations believe that sales compensation plan and quotas are delivered too late, resulting in an unhappy sales force and a high potential to miss sales targets. Learn how you can finally release of your sales compensation and quota plans in a timely manner…. read more →

planning platform

Anaplan implementation tips: What to consider when moving off spreadsheets

You’ve spent hours, days, and weeks (maybe months) pulling data from siloed point solutions into massive spreadsheets, hoping to consolidate and analyze the data holistically. But the reality is that this task quickly becomes a black hole for issues like spreadsheet version control, data inconsistencies, long processing times, and, of course, data security. Regardless of… read more →

Tyco drives growth and efficiency through a global sales compensation platform

In its 50-plus locations around the globe, Tyco had more than 300 sales compensation plans for over 7,000 sales reps. Compensation is calculated on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis across disparate systems for a multitude of verticals and products. With this complexity, Tyco realized that a better process, specifically a centralized cloud-based system, was… read more →

Find the right incentive compensation plan for your sales team

In this five-part blog series, we discuss how to optimize the end-to-end sales planning process, including account segmentation and scoring, territory and quota, incentive compensation, sales forecasting, and deal desk. In this blog, we discuss the importance of an effective incentive compensation design.Establishing the right incentive compensation structure is one of the largest challenges for… read more →

[Video] Tableau eliminates hundreds of spreadsheets to simplify its sales planning

When you factor in the complexities of multiple legacy systems, disparate geographic regions, and an unpredictable, constantly shifting marketplace, it’s no wonder the inaccuracies of spreadsheets cause the business extreme stress. Tableau is a leader in helping businesses see and understand their data through analytics and data visualization. However, with a lot of different market… read more →