Author: Chris Stevenson

  • Author: Chris Stevenson

The AFP FINnext conference and San Francisco gold

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) held their FINnext conference over the course of a few rainy San Francisco days in March. The weather forecast had indicated precipitation, so it was kind timing to be indoors learning about forecasts of

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Three signs of an inefficient forecast

Forecasting is a practice as old as time. Well, almost as old as time—its roots can be traced back to 650 B.C., to be exact, when Babylonians attempted to forecast the weather based on atmospheric conditions. In our times, forecasting

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Finance turns the page to integrated business planning

A recent webinar panel moderated by Joe Fleischer, Editorial Director of the Finance Channel Argyle Executive Forum, explored topical questions from top organizations around the adoption and implementation of integrated business planning (IBP) in today’s evolving operating environments. The

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