Author: Danielle Dahlstrom

  • Author: Danielle Dahlstrom
The office of finance — or influence?

The rise of today’s influential CFO

Over the past 15 years, the Internet has transformed our once less-connected society into a dynamic, tech-driven culture. Static Myspace profiles evolved into global Instagram influencers, crowded storefronts gave way to convenient Amazon Prime subscriptions, and the platform economy continues

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Rolling forecasts

8 steps to implementing rolling forecasts

A rolling forecast is a differentiating planning concept that can help organizations find opportunities amid intense competition. In finance, rolling forecasts are an approach to planning that evaluates key business drivers on a continual basis throughout the year. For many

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6 benefits of Zero based budgeting

Why finance is re-examining the budget from the ground up

In a world that orbits rapidly with change, Australian-born crooner Peter Allen might have sung it best: “Everything old is new again.” From a Magnum P.I. reboot to the renewed interest in machine-learning processes, there has been no shortage of redirected attention back to all-but-forgotten concepts.

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