Author: Doug Smith


Further Aligning with Deloitte

Six and a half months in and it’s safe to say that 2014 has been a year of hyper-growth for Anaplan. We’ve continued to grow our customer base, we completed our series D round of financing, we’ve continued the extension

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BI Platform

Use the Cloud to Spin Your Business Intelligence Web

Since launching Anaplan last Fall, we have engaged with hundreds of companies wrestling with outdated planning and forecasting environments.  We have run into dozens of tools, hundreds of use cases, and thousands of people all operating independent of each other,

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The Enterprise Strikes Back

First of all, to be clear, I have a horse in this race.  As a Director of and investor in Anaplan, I am very committed to a new generation of technology designed to redefine legacy notions of business intelligence solutions. 

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Change is the Hardest Thing – Can You Keep UP

Earlier this year I authored a blog on change.  It attracted a lot of attention and feedback from friends and colleagues.  The MIT Sloan Management Review has been featuring a section on the New Intelligent Enterprise.  Intended to elevate the

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The Big Restructuring

I am starting to notice a pattern here.  As we talk to the ever-growing group of users, I am often asked what kind of “reports and dashboards” can you produce?  Perhaps they ask for these static views of their

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Change is the hardest thing

During the last several years I have worn many hats, from investment partner to COO, a Board member and advisor and, of late, start up exec.  From these vantage points, I note a recurring theme:  bad habits die hard.  There

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High Frequency Forecasting

Doug Smith signing in.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Anaplan team.  My passion for changing the way people work together to produce extraordinary outcomes can be fullfilled by virtue of the breakthrough technology that Michael Gould

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