Author: Eric Lange

  • Author: Eric Lange
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The supply chain leader of the future

The supply chain isn’t what it used to be. Before too long, “chain” may be the wrong word entirely. Try “network” or “ecosystem” to describe the complex, dynamic process of getting from raw material to consumer. But whatever you call

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Fool Proof Supply Chain

The big ideas of Gartner Supply Chain 2018

Supply chain leaders from all over the globe gathered in the desert of Phoenix for this year’s Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference to learn, network, and discuss ideas that will shape the supply chain of the future. Let’s look back

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Digital Supply Chain

A new supply chain for a new market

The supply chain of yesterday isn’t equipped to keep up with the market of today. Linear and sequential systems are quickly giving way to dynamic, interconnected, and agile platforms. Is your supply chain ready for the new market? In the

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