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$100M in funding…the day after

This article is the first of a 6-part series that addresses common growing pains and challenges that startups encounter, and offers advice on how to bypass these hurdles while keeping your team and customers top of mind.When companies achieve a big milestone, it’s human nature to think about change. When we raised $100M dollars in… read more →

Taking Anaplan on the Road

Over the past several months, I’ve been on the road, spreading the word about Anaplan across the globe. From our amazing HUB 2014 conference in San Francisco where 1000 Anaplanners came together to share their experiences, to the launch events in the UK, France, Singapore, Russia and Australia, there’s been a lot to talk about.A… read more →

Announcing the Hub World Tour 2014

In May, we held our second annual US user conference, Hub 2014, in San Francisco.  The conference was a huge success, with attendance nearly doubled from the previous year. The energy was palpable as over 800 attendees filled the Mission Bay Conference Center for three days of sharing, learning, and networking.The conference included an energizing… read more →

Watch Hub 2014 Session Videos!

Thank you to all the Anaplanners that joined us for Hub! 3 days. 30 speakers. 28 countries represented. We shared, we listened, and we were inspired!We realize we scheduled a ton of sessions in just 3 short days (over 30!). And we keep hearing from the many Hub attendees that they want to revisit sessions… read more →

Hub Europe 2013: Meet the Anaplanners disrupting the enterprise market

Take a quick scroll through our blog and you can’t help but notice some of the reasons why our customers are dedicated Anaplanners. Indeed, their positive experiences and the interesting ways in which they are using our products to solve business issues are the reasons why here at Anaplan we are getting ready to host our Hub Europe in London in October!

Highlights from Anaplan Hub 2013: Keynote Speech

Anaplan Hub 2013 – Fred Laluyaux
Highlights from the Keynote: To see you all here is both humbling, reassuring, and very engaging for us. So I thank you again for attending our first event. We have more than 400 who registered to attend, and I don’t know how many of you are in the room but it’s a big number. As Simon, said this conference is really about you who share our vision and our passion for a new breed of enterprise software that’s immediate, that’s powerful, that’s connected, and that’s fundamentally engaging.

Latest Excel fiasco is just another symptom of the failure of enterprise technology

Why is Excel still the de-facto modeling tool for pretty much every business user? Just a couple of days ago, one of the most forward thinking practitioners I know told me that his finance analysts demand that any enterprise system they purchase have a “link-to-Excel escape hatch” so they can actually get their work done. What does this tell us about the billions of dollars that have been poured into enterprise software and services over the last three decades?