Author: Guy Haddleton

Anaplan Rocks…

This week we had further feedback about the significant innovations that Anaplan offers over TM1, Hyperion and Cognos. An independent TM1 consultant built a complex analytical planning and pricing prototype on Anaplan for a global distribution company in 8 hours.

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Wanted: Pure Inside Sales Talent

We’re looking for great inside sales talent. Anaplan is a fast growing software company offering career opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals wishing to break out of the traditional mold of enterprise software and move into the world of in-memory SaaS 3.0 for

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Enable the debate

“All of us are smarter than any of us.” — Dr. Douglas Merrill, former CIO, Google In speaking with my sales manager colleagues and friends, when it comes to their weekly forecast calls both down the chain (with reps) and

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