Author: Jason Loh

  • Author: Jason Loh

Sales forecasting through volatility

The global economic turmoil stemming from the novel coronavirus pandemic has suddenly cast a spotlight on contingency planning across the business. Practically overnight, leaders across industries and regions have had to quickly reevaluate cash positions, liquidity, and strategies to endure

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Valuable insights from Dreamforce 2018

Among the many sales-related events I attend each year, Dreamforce is easily one of my favorites. What’s not to love? In a scant four days, I get to chat with hundreds of customers and prospects, check in with businesses from

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Sales forecasting fundamentals: how to stay ahead

Recently, I joined forces with Abe Awasthi, Senior Manager at Deloitte, for the webinar “Sales forecasting fundamentals,” hosted by the Sales Management Association, the first in a three-part series on sales force effectiveness. In the session, we walk through some

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performance management

The evolution of sales performance management

The trend is unmistakable: The workforce is aging. While economists contemplate the impact of this trend on the economy, I think about how an aging workforce—and the coming cohort of new, younger employees—affects sales tools and technologies such as sales

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