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5 strategies of highly successful sales organizations

Achieving a strong sales edge is anchored in five key areas, according to a new report by McKinsey & Company. Here´s an overview of the five things fast-growing companies prioritize to outpace the competition: 1. Focus on the future and commit to opportunities. Find the challenges and growth opportunities in the macro environment, then determine—and… read more →

Research reveals—sales compensation plans don’t provide the complexity or detail needed to compete

In a recently concluded webinar, Bob Kelly, Chairman of The Sales Management Association (SMA), presented initial findings from a recent survey on sales compensation management. Scott Sands, National Practice Leader, Sales Force Effectiveness at Aon Hewitt, and Rowan Tonkin, Practice Lead, Sales and Marketing Applications at Anaplan provided additional commentary on the data and offered… read more →

The variable compensation disconnects: Why your sales reps might be feeling shortchanged

Variable compensation programs are an essential tool for managing sales organizations and rewarding great sales rep performance. But variable compensation—when done correctly—is inherently complicated, and there sometimes can be a disconnect between the way compensation is assigned and the “rules” that reps must follow to earn their variable compensation. For example, many organizations use multiple… read more →

Optimizing variable compensation takes the right technology—not a web of spreadsheets

Does your incentive compensation program have the appropriate level of complexity and the right tools to optimize sales performance? Setting incentive compensation is one of the most complex aspects of managing a sales organization. With the risk of over- incentivizing reps and paying them too much or the counter—paying too little and managing rep disengagement,… read more →

Marketing operational excellence series: Measurement

“What get measured, gets done.” This maxim, attributed to Peter Drucker, famous management consultant, educator, and author, repeatedly holds true in achieving success in business. In our fourth installment of this five-part operational excellence series, we will look at the measurement of your campaign: Do you have the right success metrics and realistic goals in… read more →

Marketing operational excellence: Production

In our previous post, we discussed the virtues of building a better upfront planning process to deliver results. Now, we’ll take it a level deeper and look at the campaign production process in detail, from briefing to final approval.Campaign production includes copy creation, channel selection, and audience segmentation. Each of these components is critical to… read more →