Author: Vivek Soneja

  • Author: Vivek Soneja
How to Make a World Cup Ready Supply Chain Blog
World Cup

World Cup-ready supply chains

32 teams. One world champion. Millions of soccer fans converged on Russia for the World Cup. They brought their noisemakers, their rabid fandom, and a willingness to whip out their wallets and fill bags with souvenirs. The question for companies

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What will the supply chain look like in 2019?

The modern supply chain is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and flexibility, agility, and responsiveness are more important than ever. Once-linear processes (planning, buying, making, and moving) are now circular and intertwined. As supply chain processes become more complicated, streamlining

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A new chain link: connecting supply chain and finance

The planning process for supply chains spans myriad and diverse touchpoints. From factories to suppliers, distributors to vendors, and everything that falls in between, a multitude of elements need to be considered for optimal forecasting and business planning. For supply

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