BetterVu shares six ways to have an unstoppable Hub 2015

BetterVu shares six ways to have an unstoppable Hub 2015

In less than one week we will be at Anaplan Hub 2015. As partners, this will be our third (of all three US) Hub event; each of the previous two have been a great opportunity to learn and share with others. That is truly the best part about Hub: learning from others and gaining the opportunity to be inspired and continue to innovate in Anaplan.

Six ways to have an unstoppable Hub 2015

With so many people and ideas, how do you make the most of this opportunity? Here are a few thoughts from our experiences:

1. Get out of the box:

While one form of learning may come from studying similar use cases, often inspiration comes from other places. For example, one presentation we attended early on about creating an interactive financial review process inspired some of our recent work to create collaborative sales forecasting practices. Be sure to look outside of your comfort zone!

2. Get off track:

Jump around the tracks to maximize your learning experience. It’s easy and comfortable to stay in your “normal” track, like Finance if you’re from a Finance team. The real power of Anaplan comes from linking together different use cases— like connecting sales forecasts to financial plans. Attending different tracks gives you great insights into new and innovative ways to truly integrate your business planning across your company.

3. Split up:

If you have multiple attendees from your organization, be sure to split up so as to get the most ideas and then compare notes. There are many sessions with many great ideas. If you’re on your own, then be sure to make friends and share ideas and observations.

4. Network up:

Attendees are often surprised to find that there are users from other organizations with similar challenges—and they’re willing to commiserate or to share ideas about overcoming obstacles. Be sure to seek out others to learn. Find out about LinkedIn groups and other ways of sharing experiences in the Anaplan community. Anaplanners love to share!

5. Look for “ah-ha” moments:

Trying to remember what you heard after the nth session is often difficult. One great technique is to note one or two take-aways directly after each session. Put these on one document or piece of paper and summarize the findings.

6. Bring it home:

When you return to the office, bring back more than just a box of Ghirardelli chocolates (although that’s never a bad idea!). Use the summary that you built to host a lunch-and-learn for your fellow Anaplanners, share ideas, and discuss new initiatives. Hub always features a discussion of the latest product enhancements and the ones that are coming soon. Think about ways to improve your current models, or to do new things leveraging some of the new or upcoming features.

Growing and innovating with Anaplan

Another great aspect of Hub is seeing how the community has grown and how the use cases have evolved over the years. We’re delighted that our customers Aramark and Intuit, who attended earlier Hubs as curious delegates, are back this year presenting their innovative achievements in Anaplan. Be sure to check out their sessions on Tuesday!

Got a challenge: Bring it!

Of course, be sure to stop by the BetterVu booth and say “hello.” We thrive on finding innovative solutions to challenging business problems and would love to help you find a way to success— or continued success— with Anaplan.

See you in San Francisco at #AnaplanHub15!

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