A Big Sur vacation as Anaplan’s guest


When Chicago-based Echo Global Logistics implemented the Anaplan platform in summer 2016, the company set—and then met—an aggressive goal: to complete its 2017 budget in Anaplan.

“We built a lot in a very short time working with our partner Twelve Consulting,” said Brett Lukowicz, Senior Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Echo. “Now our team is doing our first reforecast and building models on our own, just a few months later.”

Given Echo’s enthusiasm for Anaplan, Brett made plans to attend Anaplan’s Hub17 conference. He also wanted to bring his manager, VP of Finance Zach Jecklin.

“I wanted him to see the benefits Anaplan has to offer, especially once we get through our budget and reforecasting phase,” Brett said. So he typed Zach’s name into the “Refer a Colleague” form, and the two traveled to San Francisco at the end of March to attend Hub17.

They were inspired. “Hearing all the different use cases and challenges people face, and how they turn to Anaplan to address them, was eye-opening,” Brett said. “The networking opportunity was awesome. We met many people facing challenges similar to ours, as well as people who use Anaplan for different use cases. Being able to connect with them and bounce ideas off each other was great.”

Brett was still buzzing from his Hub17 experience when he got an email saying he had won Anaplan Hub’s “Refer a Colleague” drawing.

“I completely forgot I had even entered the contest, so I thought Jackie [Mesec, Echo’s Anaplan account executive] was joking when she shot me a congratulatory email,” Brett said, laughing. “But I was pumped when I received the official notice.”

Brett Lukowicz
Brett Lukowicz of Echo Global Logistics shows off his prize certificate.

Offered a choice of trips—either Las Vegas or Big Sur—Brett chose to visit Big Sur, a scenic stretch of the Central California coast. He’ll stay at the Ventana Inn & Spa, drive a sporty Audi, and enjoy a weekend of activities, all as Anaplan’s guest.

“I’ve never been to Big Sur, but I’ve heard from friends and colleagues that the views don’t get any better,” Brett said. “By going in October, I should be able to get one last glimpse of summer before the Chicago winter rolls around.”

And although October is typically the start of Echo’s budget cycle—which, in the past, has taken three to four months—Brett is sure the pressure will be much less this year thanks to Anaplan.

“I won’t feel guilty taking a few days off in October,” he said, “whereas I may have in prior years.”

Brett admits he found it tough to pass up a free trip to Las Vegas, but he knows he’ll get there again because he’s already planning to attend Anaplan Hub 2018, scheduled for March 5–7, 2018 at the ARIA Resort and Casino. And it’s a safe bet that he’ll refer Zach again—unless Zach refers him first.

Don’t miss out—save the date for Hub 2018.

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