Transforming sales and revenue forecasting at Motorola Solutions

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Comprised of approximately 2,000 selling roles, Motorola’s sales organization includes direct sales, channel sales (with over 800 partners), inside sales, service, and pre-sales engineers, which brings a great level of complexity to its sales and revenue forecasting process. Motorola recognized that they needed a platform to drive efficiency and accuracy to its forecasting process—moving away from the many manual, disconnected spreadsheets and countless phone call or email requests.

Many other providers couldn’t provide a sufficient solution to Motorola’s problem—like Anaplan did. “When I met with the Anaplan team, they not only understood my problem but resolved it in a way that I didn’t have to go build something in an IT environment,” shared Bill Cate, Senior Director Global Operations, Motorola Solutions.

Through an integration with, Motorola gained end-to-end transparency of its sales data that simplified the forecasting process and allowed for cross-departmental collaboration. “Sales can have pipeline discussions using this forecasting process that adds value to their ability to understand the composition of their pipeline, their deal velocity, their conversion rates, it changes the dynamics of that dialogue at the sales level,” said Cate.

Hear the full Motorola story by watching the video:

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