[Video] Box eliminates the “Dr. Frankenstein’s monster” of an Excel® financial model

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Whether you are a hyper-growth start-up, long-standing Fortune 500 company, or somewhere in between, there comes a point when your organization outgrows doing its financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting solely in an Excel® spreadsheet. Whether it’s managing the complexity of ever-growing product types, geographic regions, or currencies, a spreadsheet view of your financials can become limiting and error-prone.

Over the years, Box, a content collaboration software platform, has grown very quickly—but with this expansion, its financial planning process became complex and unmanageable in Excel spreadsheets. Andrew Chapello, Product Manager of Business Applications for Box stated, “We had an ancient Excel financial model that was sort of like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. It was very large; took a few minutes to open. There were a couple hundred different versions sitting all over the place. One of our objectives was to eliminate the usage of that massive Excel file from our day-to-day business operations.”

Watch the video below, where Chapello shares how Box was able to migrate off its massive Excel file, implement Anaplan within a month, and drive rapid adoption throughout the organization. With a customized training strategy tailored to both model builders and business users, Box was able to drive excitement and quick adoption of Anaplan within the organization.

Are you dreaming of moving off of your massive Excel spreadsheet too? Read our whitepaper, 7 reasons to choose Anaplan to replace your planning spreadsheet and start to make a business case to eliminate using spreadsheets as your central FP&A strategy.

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