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Brussels Airlines revolutionizes financial planning with Anaplan


The platform for orchestrating performance.

Brussels Airlines was finding it difficult to accurately budget or forecast. Planning in siloed spreadsheets was preventing the airline, which transports more than six million passengers a year, from aligning activity across the company. Planning with a combination of spreadsheets and legacy tools left too much room for error and didn’t allow for collaboration between business functions.

“When we first saw a demo of Anaplan, we had a feeling this tool would really change basically our way of working.” – Vanessa Rentiers, VP Controlling and Business Intelligence at Brussels Airlines

Anaplan’s flexibility and real-time planning abilities impressed the Brussels Airlines team. Here are three key benefits Brussels Airlines has experienced since their implementation of Anaplan:

“Full scope” planning
With Anaplan, Brussels Airlines can plan their budget, forecast, and can also complete their long-term planning on one collaborative, scalable platform.

Collaboration in real time
Users recognize the value of planning in Anaplan and are happy to use the platform.“ We are extremely satisfied about the tool and about the choice we made,” said Rentiers.

Everyone is empowered to plan
Users can make changes to their own models in real time, without needing IT support. They can quickly react to changes and efficiently model new budgets or forecasts.

Watch the video to see the full Brussels Airlines story.