Can a volatile stock market affect your supply chain?

Can a volatile stock market affect your supply chain?

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for the global stock market, with some calling it a long-overdue correction, while others are calling it a crash. No matter how it ultimately will be defined, the world watched as China’s Shanghai Stock Exchange dropped 8.5 percent in one day, triggering panic and sharp sell-offs in markets worldwide.

So what effects can stock market volatility have on global supply chains? According to The Wall Street Journal, “ebbing demand from China has already been rippling through supply chains.”

We’ve gathered a few blogs to provide you with a quick look at what’s going on in markets globally—and the possible effects on global supply chains.

What the Stock Market Crash Means for Your Supply Chain

What it’s about: Elementum neatly summarizes what’s happened in the global stock market so far and how the stock market rout has affected some stages in the supply chain.

The Next Global Recession

What it’s about: This blog post touches upon the “Chinese recession” and possible questionable Chinese data, and why a flexible and responsive supply chain will help your business better weather any recession.

Logistics Stocks Hit Hard in Market Swoon*

What it’s about: The Wall Street Journal provides a quick overview of logistics companies’ stock performance as investors fear how much a global economic slowdown would hurt companies that transport goods worldwide.

*Article is accessible by subscription only.

What are your favorite blogs or news sources for the latest updates on supply chain planning? Share with us in the comments!

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